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Pvt Robert G. Banks
son of Mrs.. Helen Banks, 903 Daiseyfield Road, is a member of the 508th Parachute Infantry now in training at Camp Mackall, NC.  He entered the army Oct 29, 1942, and won his wings as a parachutist last March 7.  Before entering the service, he studied at Rockford High School and later worked at the George D. Roper corporation.  the 508th parachute infantry regiment, made up of trained jumpers, recently returned to camp from airborne maneuvers in the field.  It is commanded by Col. Roy E. Lindquist, 36, West Point, class of '30, and a pioneer parachutist.

[The Rockford Star, Rockford, IL]

Banks' Buddies
(left, front) Pfc Robert G. Banks, Co F, and three unidentified buddies at Camp Mackall

Pvt Robert G. Banks
on leave, 1943, Rockford, IL

One For The Road
New York City, Dec 24, 1943 (Banks is sitting at the table with a shot glass).  Others in the picture are: Robert Seale, Gene Hare, John Dobransky, Richard Russel and Denver Sample.  (Russel and Sample may not have been in the 508th)

Pvt Robert G. Banks
Belfast Ireland, 15 March 1943
Captured on D-Day, Sgt Banks wrote home from a POW camp on Christmas eve, 1944

Dear Mom
Dec 24, '44
Tonight is Christmas Eve
and the year is '44.
Oh! How I'd like to leave, to be knocking at your door.

There's wire fence 'round me,
And guards are out there too.
I know, dear Mom, you can see,
That I cannot be with you.

For a soldier's life is trouble,
When to war he goes.
I wish I had a double,
To go out and meet the foe.

I am now a German prisoner.
And my rights been taken away.
My only thoughts are to be there
With you on this Holy Day.

But for this year, Dear Mother,
The best I can do,
Is wish a Merry Christmas
And may God Bless You.

By Your Son Bob

Camp Mackall Handkerchief
sent by Robert Banks (Co F) to his mother

[courtesy of Penny Banks Lane (daughter)]


Ireland Handkerchief
sent by Robert Banks (Co F) to his mother

[courtesy of Penny Banks Lane (daughter)]



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