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The Williams Album

Lt. Gene H. Williams was an officer in the 508th, 3rd battalion, HQ Company.  He was assigned as the Assistant Leader of the Mortar Platoon.  He was killed in action in Pretot, France on June 20, 1944.

The pictures shown on these pages were taken by Lt. Williams while in training and in combat.  The combat shots were discovered after his family found the undeveloped film still in his camera when his personal effects were returned to them.

Tragically, Lt. Williams' wife gave birth to twin sons on June 8th, just two days after the D-Day invasion.  Word only reached Lt. Williams' unit after he died and he never had the pleasure of knowing which gender his children were.  Perhaps even did not know that his wife had given birth to twins.

   Recently, Jack Williams, one of those twin sons, submitted his father's photos to be shared with the 508th and the world.  Photo captions were supplied by Mr. Williams.