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Reuben Weiner was a combat photographer attached to the 508th during the Normandy campaign.  Following that assignment, Reuben went on to "shooting" with other units.


(letter courtesy of Robert Gawel, Bob Abraham's son-in-law)

November 13, '44

Dear Sir,

          Just a short note saying hello and asking about your health.  Anyway, its about time I got around to writing you a letter.  I never did thank you for all the cooperation you gave me, fact is I probably never could.  Not to speak of the fatherly advice.  I've often thought of the 508 and naturally compared it with other outfits I've worked with.  I could never hope to find a better bunch of men.  Have corresponded with Izzy*, [Leon Israel] but never did get an answer to my second and last letter; I hope he's o.k.  You know Riley and I were in on the Paris liberation, and honestly, Capt'n Abe. the first bottle of Champagne we liberated was wholeheartedly dedicated to the 82nd.  However I'm afraid that the women were not dedicated along the same line; ce'st la guerre?, could be.  Yes we had four glorious days there.  Naturally we worked during the day covering the worlds' history making events, at the  [page 2 missing]

Just bragging again, but there is no place on earth like Paris.  Received a communiqué from the 508 yesteray, seems as if a CWO by the name of Arthur N. Hamelin, or a Capt. Milam decided that my name should be included with othrs on a list.  Said list being those people who would receive the Combat Infantrymans' Badge, plus an extra 10 [dollars] each and every month.  However Personnel cannot see it this way because Finance dos not see it this way; therefore the score is and remains exactly the same as it did before aforementioned communiqué was received,  0 to 0.  Please give my regards to Captain Snow and all the others, will close now wishing you all the very best and hoping to see you all again one day.

/s/ Sincerely,

Reuben Weiner

NOTE: T4 Weiner did receive his CIB as he was listed in the 508th's 1945 General Order 15, Paragraph 3

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