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The Untold Story of the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam and Beyond

Robert J. Dvorchak

   The critically acclaimed history of the Third Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, during 22 months of combat in 1968-1969 and the character of the men who served and sacrificed. The Golden Brigade, which included the 1st Battalion of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was deployed in a top secret response to the Tet Offensive. What began as a three-month emergency assignment became an extended tour of duty during two of the most tumultuous years of American history.

Illustrated with 64 pages of photos and maps, the 512-page book gives voice to the troopers who wrote the history from the ground up with their sweat and blood. Many of them opened up for the first time to say what it was really like and as a way of honoring the 227 All Americans who perished in that complex, controversial conflict.

Written in the style of World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle, this easy-to-read account is a missing chapter of 82nd Airborne history and the American story of those who answered their country’s call and never forgot their comrades or their families. Contents of the book include:

  •  The personal experiences and key engagements of the 508th PIR

  •  Photos and maps to help explain what it was really like for an elite combat unit

Readers momentary front dust jacket:

“Outstanding. Accurate. Realistic. Long overdue. Unique Captures the life, attitudes and motivation of the infantryman. I would recommend your book to anyone.  A fine tribute to the Brigade and an excellent addition to the body of literature on the Vietnam War.”

Tom Wallace, Bravo Company, 1-508

“It’s a masterpiece. People are finally going to know the truth.”

Frank Cunane, Alpha Company, 1-508

ISBN:  ISBN 978-1-950143-03-0
Library of Congress Control Number 2019918234

Not Available in Bookstores!
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