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Left for Dead at Nijmegen: The True Story of an American Paratrooper by Marcus A. Nannini

In this dramatic and compelling WW II nonfiction work, Gene Metcalfe announces to his senior math class in November, 1942 that he has quit school and is reporting for duty with the 82nd Airborne, 508th PIR.

   Only a few hours into his first combat mission he finds himself deep in the bowels of a Charlemagne Era castle, wedged between a pair of machine gun toting “SS” fanatics while being interrogated by the notorious Nazi Heinrich Himmler.

   It was only the beginning of what would prove to be eight harrowing months under the thumb of the Nazi High Command. He would witness carnage, mass murder, executions, risk his life to save a wounded fellow paratrooper, suffer extreme deprivation, be used as slave labor and continuously dodge death at the hands of both the German and Allied armed forces.

PAGES: 256 pp. ILLUSTRATIONS: 60 black and white photographs and original illustrations. BINDING: Hardback. DIMENSIONS: 6 x 9 inches.

Release Date: March 14, 2019

CASEMATE PUBLISHERS, Philadelphia, PA and Oxford, UK. $32.95 (USD)

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