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   As a tank destroyer from the 7th Armored Division moved west from Salmchateau on the highway toward Fraiture, the commander spotted a lone trooper from the 325th digging a foxhole for an outpost near the road. The commander stopped the vehicle and asked him if this was the frontline.

   The trooper, Private First Class Vernon E. Haught, with Company F, 325th, looked up and said, "Are you looking for a safe place?"

  The tank destroyer commander answered, "Yeah."

  Haught then said, "Well buddy, just pull your vehicle behind me. I'M THE 82nd AIRBORNE, AND THIS IS AS FAR AS THE BASTARDS ARE GOING."

   "We believe the 82nd Airborne Division to be the best fighting organization in any man's army." —Lieutenant Colonel George K. Rube/, Commander, 740th Tank Battalion

   "The fame of this division will long shine in history and other generations besides our own will honour its deeds." —Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery

   "I'm proud to meet [Major General Gavin,] the commanding general of the
finest division in the World today." —Lieutenant General Sir Miles Dempsey, Commanding General, British 2nd Army in Holland

   "A squad of the 82nd Airborne Division will take on a company of the German Army, an 82nd Airborne Division company will take on a German battalion, and to assign any unit of the 82nd Airborne Division an objective is to know the objective Will be taken and held." -Victory T. D. -History of the Great 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Contents Of Book Include:

  •  82nd Airborne personal experience stories
  •  Biographies and photos of 82nd Airborne veterans and active duty personnel
  •  Reunions, dates, locations, hosts
  •  Hundreds of historic photographs
  •  Index
ISBN Q-7UE-EED1-5  Published by ZENITH PRESS (www.zenithbooks.com)

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