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A Winner?
rendering of the fireball logo by Rigoberto Ledesma (Co A) may have been a battalion-wide contest submission.
(courtesy of the Rex Combs collection)


Fire Ball
logo was used by the First Battalion.
(courtesy of Serge Vandenbroeck)

In The Field
this example is one of two helmets with the fire ball logo found in the area of Groesbeek
(courtesy of Paul Geutjes)

Lightning Streaks
were the mark of the Second Battalion
(courtesy of Fabian Boons)

Second Battalion
helmet unfortunately has no laundry mark inside
(courtesy of Serge Vandenbroeck)

Side View
with the logo of 2d Battalion
(courtesy of Serge Vandenbroeck)

Rear View
of 2d Battalion helmet shows white stripe denoting a NCO
(courtesy of Serge Vandenbroeck)


Felix de Klein, using a metal detector, located the two helmets on the right on Market Garden battlefields that bear logos of the 508th

This example showing the Fireball logo was found in the area of Wyler-Groesbeek

This one bearing a Winged Foot at the DZ-Drop Zone was located near the Wylerbaan  in Groesbeek

Winged Foot
was the Third Battalion's logo.  This example was found in the Ardennes.

(courtesy of Fabian Boons)



   Although the design and use of these logos were apparently not official they did come into use during the late phases of WW-II.  It also appears that they were for, the most part, hand-drawn.  The usage may also have been sporadic as some veterans state that they never saw any helmets done in this fashion. But the logos were used as mastheads in the 508th's DEVILS DIGEST newspaper published in Frankfurt.

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