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   Somewhat like a bottle washing ashore, a cartridge casing found recently in Holland has yielded personal identity information that was somehow lost 68 years ago.

   Frank Longiotti probably kept this miniature archive in case he was found without his dog tags.  A copy of the e-mail and images of the papers sent by Patrick Peek of Holland tells the tale of his startling find:

7/13/2012 3:25 PM

Dear sir/madam,
Today I went to Groesbeek to search for remains of the second world war with my metal detector. To the north of Groesbeek I found an empty bullet case that was closed at the end. I heard about closed bullet cases that contained personal notes before so I was a little curious to find out if this could be such a bullet case. When I opened the bullet case I could see a little piece of paper, I decided to be careful and took the piece of paper out of the case when I was at home. I was very surprised when I found two pieces of paper which both had the name of Frank Longiotti written on them as well as his number, blood group and religion. A little piece of history of the 508th saw daylight again after almost 70 years! I immediately began to search the internet and found out that he was a member of 508th and shortly after that I found his picture on your website. I also found out that Frank Longiotti died in 2009, so unfortunately I can't contact him anymore. I tried to find e-mail addresses of his next of kin, but didn't succeed. I hope you will be able to help me with that.

I enclosed some pictures of this remarkable find.

With kind regards,

Patrick Peek
Zandvoort, Holland

Jumpmaster Notes:  We put Mr. Peek in touch with the funeral home that handled Frank's burial.  They have forwarded his message to Frank's son and hopefully they will soon make contact.

Also Mr. Peek stated in a second note that he had found the cartridge casing on the edge of the forest north of Groesbeek, overlooking the fields that were used as Drop Zone T.  He noted that "Frank Longiotti was a machine gunner and that he earned the Purple Heart after he was shot in the chest while he was clearing the drop zone".

We know that Frank was wounded on 18 September 1944 and  evacuated to a field hospital.  It was not until 11 January 1945 that he was deemed fit to travel and sent back to the U.S. for further treatment. He was discharged on 22 June 1945, nine months after being wounded.

Back stamp of the casing (R A 43 = Remington Arms 1943)
What the casing looked like before it was opened
Unfortunately the original cartridge casing had to be broken to remove the pieces of paper



BLOOD O   (2?)   REL P


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