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He'd stand before them and know each man by name,
With a prayer on his lips, as they entered the plane.
He had dark eyes and a granite chin,
With a mouth that seldom wore a grin.
He had but to give a command
A man would wonder, some not understand.
But that he had told them to go,
Was all each one needed to know.
He led them through the war to the peace,
And when the noise of the battle did cease,
They all went their separate way,
Feeling they'd meet at a future day.
When the time came to them at last
And they could reminisce about the past,
He spoke to each man and called him by name,
To them, this was their " Hall Of Fame ".
Everyone knew, in his deepest heart,
As long as he lived, he wished to be a part
Of what he was, of what he had been,
A trooper, who was one of the " Colonel's Men ".
by Peggy Ruppe

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