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Up 508 RCT 1950s (2) 508 RCT 1950s (3) 508 RCT 1950s (4) 508 RCT 1950s (5) 508 RCT 1950s (6) 508 RCT 1950s (7) 508 RCT 1950s (8)
508 RCT ca. 1950s,   FORT BENNING, NC
[Items in quotation marks were on the back of the photos, otherwise they are Jumpmaster comments]
Unidentified "Hennings" Hennings Again? Hennings Again?
"Dave, Morris and Bo" Hennings Again?

"Al Coplain"

"Breckenridge, Al Coplin"
note spelling variation of Coplin versus Coplain.  Which is correct is unknown

Coplain / Coplin

Unidentified Unidentified

Both Unidentified

(mail clerk) most loved guy at mail call
(remainder illegible)

"Al & Christ"

The Gang"

"Cooling Off While Tanning"
Still tanning    
(All above photos were purchased on EBay by Charles French.  Original owner unknown)

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