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Fort Benning Reunion - 1947

Parachute Infantry
   Men Planning Event

Former members of the 508th parachute infantry regiment will hold a "get-together" at Victory Lodge, Fort Benning, Ga., October 18, Capt. Malcolm D. Brannen, commanding officer of the Greenville military sub-district and former executive officer of the third battalion of the 508th, said last night.  Lt. Col. Otho E. Holmes is chairman of the committee in charge of the event. Other members are Maj. Royal R. Taylor, Capt. Peter L. Kelley, Capt. James T. Milam, Capt. John P. Foley and Lt. Melvin Neighbors.
   The program, Captain Brannen said, will consist of visiting and renewing renewing old acquaintances during the day and dinner, entertainment and dancing that night. Civilian dress will be worn by all personnel at the reunion. The regiment was General Eisenhower's honor guard before deactivation. deactivation.

[The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, Tue, Oct 7, 1947, Page 3]

The Very First Reunion?

A group of 508ers gathered at Fort Benning on 17 October, 1947 to celebrate the return to peaceful life and to renew old acquaintances.  Most people in the photo are unidentified, except for the following:

Front Row [l-r]: Colonel Roy E. Lindquist (Regimental C.O..), Larry Palmer (HQ 1st), Jesse "Bud" Evans (A Co.), Lt. (Jones Epps (HQ 1st)

Third row: Laura Palmer (third from left with arms crossed

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(photo courtesy Troy Palmer)

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