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REUNION 8 - FORT  BRAGG, NC Oct  1982   (Photos 3 of 4)

[l-r] (Louis Mendez, Jr?), Connie Mendez, Mildred, Joseph & Alison Hutto

Mildred & Joseph Petry

John Henscheid & Lou Mendez, Jr

Joe Petry & Unknown

Ten Hut!
John Henscheid, Lou Mendez, Jr. & Joe Petry grin as an unidentified 508er hits a brace and Ed Zuroweste at far right

unknown, Peter Karres, unknown & John Henscheid

DZ Pow Wow

the 508th "dropped in" for a demo jump

3 men hit the ropes from a Huey chopper

Two Sticks
jumped from C-130 Hercules aircraft

Air Foil
chute enables extreme control

Front Row Seats
Tom Porcella applauds the accuracy of this man's landing

Coming /in
another trooper aims for the same spot

On The Money
as he dumps air from his chute
(photos courtesy of Petry collection)

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