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The following is a letter written by Brig. Gen. James Gavin on D +3 while he was still in France.  It was addressed to his friend, Gen. Harold L. Clark, commander of the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing.

June 9th (1944)

Dear Hal,

Through the courtesy of Col. (Bruce D.) Bidwell who is leaving the beachhead today I am able to get this short note to you.

Task Force A has accomplished most of its objectives the 505th carrying out its mission exactly as planned.  Ste. Mere Eglise was taken two hours after landing and the 507th and 608th are holding the line of the Meredet.

Lt. Col. Thomas J. B. Shanley (commanding 2nd Bn., 508th), Col. George V. Millett, Jr. (commanding 507th) and Lt. Col. Charles J. Timmes, (commanding 2nd Battalion, 507th) are still cut off but we may be able to pull them out in the next 24 hours.

The accomplishments of the parachute regiments are due to the conscientious and efficient tasks of delivery performed by your pilots and crews.  I am aware, as we all are, that your Wing suffered heavy losses in carrying out its missions and that a very bad fog condition was encountered inside the west coast of the peninsula.  Yet despite this, every effort was made for an exact and precise delivery as planned.  In most cases this was successful.

I want to express to you and all of the officers and enlisted men of your command our appreciation for a job damn well done. 

James Gavin

PS.  Generally speaking all is going well, the 506th has done remarkably well, although it has taken heavy casualties in spots. 

Would you please call Col. (Joel L.) Crouch (commanding IX TCC Pathfinder) and express to him our appreciation for a job well done.