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   The photos of this commemorative mug were supplied by Sherri Brewer who is trying to determine its origin.  Unfortunately the maker's mark on the bottom of the mug is out of focus.
  Sheri tells us, however that the name BAUSCHER appears in the upper half of the oval and the city of WEIDEN appears in the lower half.  The center of the oval has a strike of a 'B' over a ''W'.  Sherri feels that this may refer to a glass plant in Weidenbaden.
   Anyone else have one like this and/or know more about it?  If so, please e-mail Sherri at kimbrew47@aol.com

   "I also have the same stein,," wrote William F. Blum, Jr.  "My dad was in 'E' Co. 2nd Bn.  His stein had an "E" painted on the bottom, somewhat covering the pottery mark of Bauscher-Weiden.    There are two possibilities when my Dad may have acquired this stein;  during their stay in Frankfurt or after arrival home, as he was in "E" Co. both while in Frankfurt and during the deactivation Nov. 1946.
   In searching for Bauscher-Weiden, there was a  Bauscher Porcelain Works in Bavaria, a part of Hutschenreuther AG. From the late 1800's they made porcelain for the hotel and catering business. The mark on the bottom of the stein matches with this company.
   I'm sure there are others out there, both steins and the Troopers who can add to the history."

    Bob Chisolm, Company I, 508th, 43-46 adds the following: "My best recollection, as to the origin of these mugs, is as follows.  Our 508th Exchange in Heddernheim offered these for sale in mid 1946.  (I think that Lt Russell was the Exchange Officer at that time.)  They were very popular and a big seller.  I bought a dozen (still have six) and they had matching ash trays. The inscription, and manufacturers trade mark on the bottom is Bauscher/Weiden, in a circle with a B|W in a smaller circle.  I would agree that they were manufactured in Weidenbaden."
   Jeff Combs, son of Rex Combs, wrote: This is the 508th ashtray that went with the set of 508th mugs. It is marked "BAUSCHER . WEIDEN"