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The following men of the 508th were awarded the Dutch Bronze Lion in Royal Decree Number 31 dated October 8, 1945.  The medals were presented by Mr. Meijnen , the Dutch Minister of War,  in late 1945 at the Tempelhof airport in Berlin.  [This presentation may have coincided with the 508th Presidential Honor Guard duties on July 18, 1945-  See photo of that day, use BACK to return..]

Bell Glenn S/Sgt. Co F 1945 82d GO 126
Combs Rex G. 1/Lt. Co A 1945 82d GO 126
Holmes Otho E. L/Col. Hq 2nd. 1945 82d GO 126
Hupp Robert W. T/5 Co C 1945 82d GO 126
Mendez Louis G., Jr. L/Col. Hq 3rd 1945 82d GO 126
Risnes Marvin L. Sgt. Co G 1945 82d GO 126
Warren Shields, Jr. L/Col. Hq 1st 1945 82d GO 126
Wilde Russell C. Capt. Co H 1945 82d GO 126

As the result of a second royal decree, number 11, dated Feb. 22, 1946 one other member of the 508th was awarded the Dutch Bronze Lion.

Surname Given   Rank      
Lindquist Roy E.   Colonel ? ? ?

The Bronze Lion was installed in 1944 by the Dutch Government in exile and is a military award. It will be given to service personnel who served the Dutch State in actual combat against the enemies of the state and demonstrated exceptional bravery and meritorious acts. The Bronze Lion can also be awarded to Dutch Civilians and to foreigners.

The minister of Defence will be noted through the proper military channels. A special committee checks the events and shall advise the Minister of Defence if an award is appropriate and if so it will mention which award shall be given. After positive advice, the Minister of Defence makes a written proposal to the Dutch Crown, who shall award the medal by Royal Decree.

Since 1944 1,210 awardees have received the Bronze Lion.

The award is a cross in bronze on a circular shield. The front is a crowned Dutch Lion. The reverse is plain. The cross is hanging below a ribbon of 37 millimeter width, divided in 9 equal vertical lanes, coloured orange and 'Nassau blue', the outward lanes are both blue.

A second award will be noted by an Arabic figure '2' in gold on the ribbon of the Bronze Lion. A next award will be noted by a '3' etc. Only 8 awardees received the figure 2. None have received the 3 or higher awards..

NOTE:  Some of this material, including the translation of the criteria for award text,  was provided by Dutch Army Reserves officer, Major Herman Vaalburg.  Read  excerpts of his correspondence. 


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