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Croix de Guerre avec Étoile)
Bennett Roy T. 1st Sgt. Co D Bronze GO-30
Brannen Malcolm F Capt Inf Silver GO-30
Chitwood Leland J Sgt Hq 1st Bronze GO-29
Evans Eugene L SSgt Co D Bronze GO-29
Faulkner Donald E Pfc Co E Bronze GO-29
Frigo Lionel O 1/Lt Co A Bronze GO-29
Hessberger George W Capt Inf Silver GO-30
Lira Manuel M Pfc Co B Bronze GO-29
Mauch Theodore A Cpl ? Bronze GO-29
Rolfe Arthur H SSgt. ? Bronze GO-29
Roberts Herbert D Pfc ? Bronze GO-29
Shanley Irving T Sgt. Hq 2nd Bronze GO-29
Speers Robert W Sgt. Hq 2nd Bronze GO-29
Sonosky Alec T Cpl Hq 3rd Bronze GO-29
Surrency Thomas M Pfc ? Bronze GO-29
Taylor Royal R Maj Co B Gold GO-30
Trovinger Wilmer T/3 Co I Bronze GO-29
Van Horssen Robert W Sgt Co I Bronze GO-48
Vogel John B SSgt. Hq 2nd Bronze GO-29
Weaver Robert T 1/Lt Co C Bronze GO-29
Welgus John SSgt Med Det Bronze GO-29
Woodside William W SSgt ? Bronze GO-29

   The French
Croix de Guerre avec Étoile is awarded to Major Royal R . Taylor (left) and Sgt Irving T. Shanley (right) at Ste. Mere Eglise, Normandy, France on June 6, 1946 by General le Gentilhomme.  TSgt Robert W. Speers and Cpl John B. Vogel, Jr. (partially hidden), just to the right of Sgt Shanley, also received this award.
   Taylor, Shanley, Speers and Vogel parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and remained with the 508th throughout the war.
   For this ceremony, a detachment of 508th veterans of the Normandy invasion was transported by rail from Frankfurt Germany in a plush railcar once used by the German Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Goering. 
   The 508th detachment also accepted the French Croix de Guerre with two Palms and the Fourragére for all units of the 82nd Airborne Division, including the 508th.

(photos courtesy Irv Shanley)

Normans Honor
Airborne Troops
   ST MERE EGLISE, France (AP) ---
More than 5,000 Norman villagers and peasants paid tribute yesterday to the American 82d airborne division --- which two years ago liberated this hamlet from the Germans --- in on of several D-day ceremonies held in Normandy.
   Twenty officers and enlisted men of the 508th regimen of the division, selected for devotion to duty under long periods of combat were awarded the Croix de guerre, with stars and palms, by Gen J P* Le Gentilhomme military governor of Paris and commander of the French first military region.
   Monuments to Allied invasion forces were dedicated in ceremonies at Colleyville and St Laurent on bloody Omaha Beach in the American Sector.

[The Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY, Friday, June 7, 1946, page 1]

* Note:  the general's full name was Paul Louis Le Gentilhomme so these initials are incorrect.

NOTE:  Stars are used to indicate the level of the foreign military which cited an organization for an award. A gold star represents citation by a corps, a silver star by a division, and a bronze star by a brigade/regiment.