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by Thomas A. MacCallum

2011 Edition

2012 Edition

The book begins with land acquisition for what was to become Camp Mackall and the beginning of the U. S. Army Airborne Command. During WW II, Camp Mackall was the Airborne Command Headquarters for U. S. Airborne forces around the world. The book tells of the military importance and also the impact of 30,000 soldiers in Richmond and adjoining counties.

NOTE:  This book has been apparently republished in 2012 with a revised cover.  It is unknown whether there are any material changes to its contents.

The 2011 edition is available on Amazon.com while the 2012 version can be purchased from the Richmond County Historical Society, PO Box 1763, Rockingham, NC 28380. 
Click here to get the Order Form for Camp Mackall, North Carolina. 
The cost is $30.00 + $5.00 Shipping & Handling