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7 MAY 2016


- PANTHER OF THE WEEK: SSG Christopher Hart (HHC) was the honor graduate of the Pre-Ranger Course.

- BG Winski awarded coins to several members of C Co after watching their day LFX out here at NTC.


1-508 PIR conducted our battalion attack on an 80+ building OBJ, then transitioned to ISB Reno for company live fire exercises at NTC (storyboard attached).

Overall an amazing opportunity to deploy out here and conduct CALFEXs with nearly unlimited constraints. Commanders were allowed 100% freedom to plan their own maneuver and employment of fires. The task-organized companies (2 x light PLTs & 1 x mounted heavy weapons PLT) maneuvered 2.5km to their OBJ through mountainous terrain, employing their organic weapon systems (.50, MK-19, M240B, M320, etc.) to engage and destroy 35 dismounted enemy and 8 trucks on the mountainside surrounding the OBJ and another 45 enemy personnel barricaded in the seven buildings on their OBJ. At their disposal, commanders employed C/1-319 AFAR's 155mm howitzers (HE, illum, white phosphorus), battalion's 120mm and 81mm mortars (HE, FRTR, IR illum), and their organic 60mm mortars (HE, FRTR, illum) to echelon fires from SP until they fired the FPF just north of the OBJ. Commanders also utilized a RAVEN to gather real-time intel on the OBJ; battalion snipers located at company support by fire positions to engage keyhole window targets on the OBJ; Sappers from B/307 BEB attached to each PLT to conduct two explosive breaches on wire obstacles surrounding the OBJ and two explosive door breaches on the OBJ; and multiple AT-4s to destroy technical vehicles (hulks) surrounding the OBJ. Lastly, 1SGs landed an HH60 Air MEDEVAC bird from C/2-916 AVN to land on the OBJ and evacuate simulated casualties.

The battalion employed internal OC coverage to allow platoon leaders and platoon sergeants to validate each iteration and also see different maneuver and attack plans across the companies. Throughout the CALFEX, HHC and J Co supported all training at FOB Seattle and ISB Reno with TOC/TAC operations, medical support from two aid stations (-), field feeding from the combat kitchen, maintenance, and ammunition distribution. Lastly, J Co conducted convoy training at Junction City, react to contact drills, TCP establishment, movement formations, react to IED drills, and recovery operations.

On Friday we will redeploy MB1 redeploys on Friday, followed by MB2 on Monday. C Co will remain at NTC as OPFOR under 1-11 ACR and will move into "The Box" on Friday. 1-11 ACR is exploring the possibility of jumping them into a nearby DZ.


1-508 PIR will conduct recovery from NTC and planning for our BN ABN Operation on 14 May. We will also send 3 members of our staff to the DJRTC -90 Conference.


1-508 PIR exited no Paratroopers this week. Next week we will provide Paratroopers for the Federal Eagle jump and plan and execute a battalion line with 4 x C130H on Saturday, 14 May.


1-508 PIR has 2 x Paratroopers in Ranger School (Darby Phase), with 5 recent PRC grads attending the next Ranger School class. We have 3 Paratroopers who will test the Big 4 on the next PRC Course.

- 3 future Jumpmasters are on the "Needs PWAC" roster, with 3 Paratroopers still testing on JMPI.

- 1 Paratrooper is currently enrolled in HAZMAT (expected graduation 6 MAY).

- 1 Paratrooper is at Pathfinder (expected graduation 6 MAY).

- 2 Paratroopers are in ALC (expected graduation 11MAY).

- 8 Paratroopers are at BLC (expected graduation 18 MAY).


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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