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11 June 2016


- Panther of the Week: PFC Palomar is the supply clerk for Alpha Company. This week alone he has overseen two separate draws from TASC, one for more than $140,000 of MILES gear, and one for UTM training supplies that he then needed to transport to an active range and distribute to an entire company that was in the process of executing training. These equipment draws, distributions, and recollections were executed with zero loss. Beyond this, PFC Palomar has flawlessly executed his tasks for 3BCT's Lateral Transfer Rodeo. This included completing over 10 lateral transfers without any significant issues. PFC Palomar also navigated his way through an ambiguous process to complete a turn in of two obsolete ICAMs. PFC Palomar consistently operates with very little oversight and never fails to achieve success. On top of all this, he has completed his regular tasks of Class II and IX ordering, SSA pickups, and inventories, with the utmost initiative and diligence.

This past week during the 72nd Anniversary of D-day in Normandy, AA6 frocked our D Co 1SG, SFC(P) Creel to 1SG at the St Mere-Eglise Chapel and 1F6 reenlisted SGT Hendricks following the commemorative jump.


1-508 PIR conducted our battalion attack on an 80+ building OBJ, then transitioned to ISB Reno 1-508 PIR continued MDMP, troop leading procedures, and TOC rehearsals for OPN PANTHER SHIELD. In addition to planning for the brigade FTX, the battalion had 65 Paratroopers conduct Drivers Training in preparation for the FTX and JRTC. HHC and D Co conducted RVTT validation for truck crews in preparation for JRTC to enhance our ability to self-secure, provide Combat Logistics Patrol capabilities, and provide mobile TAC security. B Co and C Co conducted CLS training to increase the battalion's medical readiness, certifying 84 Paratroopers. J Co conducted an M4 qualification range in preparation for the FTX. Finally, 1-508 PIR executed our two remaining DONSAs from NTC on Thursday and Friday.


1-508 PIR's focus will be outload operations for the BDE FTX as well as the battalion CAR, brigade CAR, and brigade TEWT. A Co will conduct a machine gun zero/qual range for the battalion in preparation for JRTC. Lastly, the staff will participate in the brigade command post exercise.


1-508 PIR exited no Paratroopers this week. We completed train-the-trainer for the MOLLE 4000. Two Jumpmasters graduated the Jumpmaster Refresher Course and 13 Paratroopers completed BCT BAR on Wednesday. Next week, 1-508 PIR will exit 51 Paratroopers on two lines on 16 and 17 June, certify all Jumpmasters to JMPI the MOLLE 4000, and send three Jumpmasters to the Master Jumpmaster Course on 14 June.


In preparation for the BCT FTX, companies reviewed the DIV AFS SOP. In addition, C Co reviewed reconnaissance and ambush tactics. Scouts conducted a two-day selection which included a RPFT, Land Navigation, reconnaissance, reporting, IDF/CCA control, and radio operations. At the end of the assessment, the Scouts selected 6 new members. We conducted TOC rehearsals in preparation for the BCT CPX next week. We validated our establishment SOPs, and verified layouts for our various Mission Command nodes in preparation for BCT collective training. 1-508 PIR currently has two leaders in the Jumpmaster Course, four Paratroopers in Ranger School (2 x Darby, 2 x Mountains), two Paratroopers awaiting the next Ranger Course, two Paratroopers in the current Pre-Ranger Course, one leader in RSLC, and one Paratrooper in Sniper School.

BUILD READY AND RESILIENT PARATROOPERS AND FAMILIES: B and D Co conducted FRG meetings this week to welcome new leaders and their families to the company.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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