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24-30 July 2016


Panther of the Week: This past week, SSG Jeremiah Hampton (A Co) volunteered to build the Modular Training Facility (MTC) for the battalion, dedicating a total of four days and countless hours doing physically demanding work. He planned the construction, resourced the materials through the BN S4, and led the way with the physical construction. Additionally, SSG Hampton recently transitioned to D Co to become their newest PSG, having served in A Co as a Weapon's Squad Leader. SSG Hampton has demonstrated excellent leadership abilities and acted as a role model for all of Alpha Company.

- 1F6, LTC Justin Reese, earned his Master Parachutist Badge on a jump last week. The Division Commander, MG Clarke, pinned these wings on LTC Reese in an impromptu ceremony on Wednesday during the Division Retirement Ceremony Rehearsal on Stang Field.

- 1-508 PIR represented the Division and Panthers in stellar fashion this week by conducting the Division Retirement Ceremony for 11 x retirees. Our Paratroopers performed very well and earned the praise of the Division Chain of Command, including AA7.


1-508 PIR conducted ITDSA inspections and CLACC for JRTC out-load. 1-508 PIR represented the Division and Brigade by conducting the Division Retirement Ceremony on Thursday for 11 x retirees. Our staff participated in Staff CPX #3, which allowed us to refine our battle rhythm and become even more proficient with our analog and digital systems. Between ceremonies this week, our Paratroopers conducted JRTC ROE training in conjunction with our SJA advisors, processed through the SRP site to increase medical readiness, and continued with "Know Your Enemy" testing. CPT Roubicek (A/1-508 PIR) conducted CBRN training (storyboard attached) and conducted further battle drills on their Modular Training Facility they constructed last week (storyboard attached). CPT Newell (B/1-508 PIR) instituted a combat-focused PT regimen this week by modifying the PT uniform to ACUs and concluding each rigorous session with battle drills. CPT Elgin (C/1-508 PIR) executed platoon-led CWST to assist in building a company OML for PRC. CPT Frazer (HHC/1-508 PIR) fielded our new RollaTube systems and created Stiner Aid packages for each of the companies to use for the JFE into JRTC. Lastly, on Thursday we received the Torch Party of B/3PARA and assisted in outload for their equipment and ammunition in preparation for JRTC.


Next week, 1-508 PIR will continue preparation for JRTC by conducting OPDs, SOP refinement, defense classes, foot marches, and rehearsing battle drills. We will conduct BAR on 3 AUG in conjunction with the Advanced Airborne School to train and then exit 120 Paratroopers from B/3PARA on 4 AUG. 1-508 PIR will facilitate the BCT's personnel outload to JRTC for the Torch Party on Monday and ADVON on Tuesday. In addition, 1-508 PIR, along with B/3PARA, will participate in the 82nd Airborne Division Change of Command on Tuesday.

1-508 PIR exited no Paratroopers this week. We built the contracts to drop 80 x CDS bundles in support of ASOTD's line next Tuesday. We also gathered the Jumpmaster Teams to support BAR for B/3PARA next Wednesday and their jump next Thursday.

LEADER DEVELOPMENT: - LPDs at the company level continued all week in preparation for JRTC, with the biggest focus being our "Know Your Enemy" testing. - 1-508 PIR currently has two leaders in Jumpmaster School and three future Jumpmaster on the "Needs PWAC" roster. - 1-508 PIR has five Paratroopers in Ranger School (2 x Darby, 2 x Mountains, 1 x Florida) and two Paratroopers who need the "Big 4" test to enter the next Ranger Class.

This week, the battalion command group and spouses from HHC FRG conducted initial site surveys for two perspective locations for the Battalion Ball scheduled in November. On Friday, B Co will have a Company FRG BBQ at the Pope Community Center.

1-508 PIR completed three services this week, two NVGs, six radios, and 32 weapons systems.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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