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17 SEP – 1 OCT

Our focus these past two weeks was completing recovery from JRTC and setting the stage for 2017 through multiple efforts, like MDMP for our BN JFEs on 27 and 29 SEP and the CS-17 Fielding Conference. 1-508 remains ready for our OSBn mission if called, and we are fully prepared to outload a BN TF(+) from 2BCT to JRTC.

Great news!

SSG Hart (HHC) graduated from Ranger School on Friday, 23 SEP. SPC Fulce (J Co) took top honors as the Brigade Cook of the Quarter; he will compete in the Division Board for the 1st quarter.


1-508 remains ready for an OSBn mission if called. We have executed several “Red and Green Corvette” call-outs since assuming OSBn, and on Sunday we will outload approximately 672 Paratroopers from 2BCT for their JFE into JRTC. Additionally, CPT Frazer (HHC CDR) attended the 3ESC TTX on Wednesday, 21 SEP, as the OSBn representative.

On Tuesday, 27 SEP, 1-508 PIR conducted a BN JFE into Normandy DZ, seizing our assault OBJs by P+1 and training new personnel in our ACPs. 3BCT jumped additional personnel on the second lift, for a total of 547 jumpers and one door bundle exiting. We will execute another BN JFE on 29 SEP with 2 x C-17s, and we will conduct a follow-on mission to seize assault OBJs by P+1. Both jumps were preceded by MDMP at the BN level, followed by TLPs at the company and platoon levels.

Last week we conducted drivers training for our O/C/T augmentees supporting JRTC rotation 17-01, including classroom instruction and day/night road testing. Following Tuesday’s jump, our line companies trained on EIB medical and artillery-related tasks in preparation for 1BCT’s EIB testing, while also conducting AARs to identify areas to improve prior to October’s BN JFE.

With regard to equipment readiness, we placed a total of 1,243 lines of CL II and IV into our PBUSE and SAMS box these past two weeks, equaling $711,463.38 of 10/20 BII equipment. The BN also focused on vehicle PMCS last week and the continued maintenance of our fleet that was left at home station. We have conducted inventories throughout the week of all containerized equipment and have continued the deliberate recovery of all equipment post JRTC. Our J Co completed gauging of two line companies’ weapons. Lastly, our BN Staff attended the CS17 Fielding Conference last week and planned all necessary training and fielding timelines for the next summer.

Our efforts to increase personnel readiness over the past two weeks included sending 41 Paratroopers to a BN-level SRP, completing our Individual / Personnel Records Reviews and Global Assessment Tools, and completing MRT for the quarter. WIN TOMORROW’S FIGHT Last week, CPT Kearney (D Co) secured a cross-training opportunity with 3rd SFG for Ground Mount Training in October, which will include firing all the BN’s M3 Carl Gustavs and M320s on 10 OCT. Across the BN, we completed our Threat Awareness Training with BDE counter intelligence, and companies continue to input training records and future training events into DTMS. Last week we filled 6 hard slots and 2 walk-ons to Jumpmaster school. We also sent 4 Jumpmasters to last week’s Master Jumpmaster Course. Our commanders continue to pursue leader development. CPT Roubicek (A Co) conducted an LPD on NCOERs and the EES system. CPT Kearney (D Co) conducted an LPD on Heavy Equipment Air Drops in preparation for our 20 OCT BN JFE where we will drop – for the first time on Fort Bragg – 2 x 20ft Type V platforms with M1167 TOW Carrier (Uparmored) HMMWVs. CPT Frazer (HHC) conducted an LPD on retention, enlisted benefits, and methods of support for their Paratroopers. CPT Suslik (J Co) conducted 2 LPDs on CLACC and ITDSA operations. Lastly, all our command teams attended the “Leader First” Women in Combat Arms brief on Wednesday, 28 SEP.


D Co hosted a BN Hail and Farewell last Thursday, 22 SEP, at the 82nd ABN Association Clubhouse in Fayetteville.  D Co spearheaded an 82nd Airborne Association membership drive as part of the Hail and Farewell festivities, adding 9 new lifetime members to the association. We farewelled 2 CPTs and a 1SG, while also welcoming a host of new lieutenants. The 1-508 PIR commander, CSM, XO, S3, and OPS SGM attended a lunch on Wednesday, 28 SEP with Mr. Troy Palmer from the Family and Friends of the 508th PIR Association and CSM (ret) Rock Merritt (Hon. 508th CSM) to discuss participation in this year’s 508 PIR Reunion in Charleston, SC in early November. We are continuing to plan for this event and look forward to spending time with the association members and 508 PIR veterans.

Last week, A Co and B Co conducted very successful FRG events. A Co Paratroopers and Families met at Smith Lake, where they farewelled 1SG Gilmer and hailed SFC Kaplan. B Co Paratroopers and Families met at the Pope Community Center. Both companies raised over $200 each at their events (see attached storyboards).


1-508 PIR continues to increase membership with the 82nd ABN Association and the Family and Friends of the 508th PIR Association through outreach and participation in events whenever we can. Last week’s hail and farewell and this week’s lunch are important reminders of how necessary it is that we keep close ties with the associations that routinely support us.


This weekend, 1-508 PIR will outload a BN(+) from 2BCT to JRTC. We will conduct mortars training in the lead up to a MORTEP in Week 4, and execute Scout tryouts across the battalion. A, B, and C Co will conduct company airborne operations on 6 OCT with follow-on missions on the ground, while HHC and D Co will conduct company airborne operations on 12 OCT. Companies will also continue CLS training ahead of our GRF assumption, M4 and MG Z/Q ranges, and EIB preparation. On 10 OCT, D Co will execute Ground Mount Training ahead of their gunnery in JAN.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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