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17 SEP – 1 OCT

Our focus these past two weeks was outloading a BN(+) from 2BCT to JRTC, conducting mortars training, and conducting 3 company airborne operations. Our companies are continuing to conduct CLS training ahead of our GRF assumption, MG Z/Q ranges, EIB preparation, and Ground Mount Training for D Co in preparation for their gunnery in JAN 17. .

Great News!

SGT Novy & 1SG Gilmer (HHC) ran in the Army 10-miler. 1SG Gilmer placed 520th out of 35,000 runners with a time of 65 minutes (4th in the BCT), while SGT Novy ran the event in 73 minutes (7th in the BCT)


1-508 remains ready for an OSBn mission if called. On 2 OCT we outloaded approximately 684 Paratroopers from 2BCT for their JFE into JRTC. Additionally, on 11 OCT D Co and J Co moved all pallets and CDS bundles from the Division Ready Cage in the wake of Hurricane Matthew and further potential flooding. J Co also moved all PRC ammunition pending further hurricane damage.

On Thursday, 6 OCT, A, B, and C Co conducted separate airborne assaults onto Sicily DZ, where they tactically assembled and seized their assault OBJs by P+1. We jumped 332 Paratroopers across 3 lifts and exited 2 door bundles on the first lift. With the FLS Compound on Sicily DZ closed for maintenance, CPT Roubicek and A Co transported their modular MOUT complex out to the DZ so that each TM Assault would still have a complex to seize [storyboard attached].

In between airborne operations, our companies trained on CLS and EIB tasks in preparation for 1BCT's EIB testing. HHC conducted Scout Tryouts for 25 Paratroopers, B Co conducted Land Nav training in Area J, and D Co partnered with 3SFG to familiarize 28 Paratroopers on the M240B, M2A1, and M320 weapon systems prior to beginning their Unstabilized Gunnery training path [storyboards all attached]. C Co conducted EST M4 training last week and PLT STX in Area J this week. Lastly, the BN staff has focused on our 20 OCT JFE into Sicily DZ as part of the BCT FTX.

Maintenance and services completed this week include C Co and D Co weapons gauging and B Co NVGs purging. Additionally, we received a BCT-internal lateral transfer of 3 x M1165 gun trucks and began a new annual service on each vehicle. Finally, we completed 3 separate internal lateral transfers of 4 x Radiac sets and 1 x HMMWV ¼ ton trailer.

Our efforts to increase personnel readiness over the past two weeks included updating Financial Records Reviews and Personnel Records Review.


This week we had two future Jumpmasters pass JMPI (now awaiting PWAC) and we have two continuing to test for JMPI.  We currently have 8 Paratroopers in AMO and 6 Paratroopers in UMO courses.

D Co, with significant support from A Co, are rigging 2 x M1167 Uparmored TOW Carrier HMMWVs for heavy drop on 20 OCT.  This will be the first time the 82nd ABN DIV has heavy-dropped a truly uparmored HMMWV.


1-508 PIR continues to plan our participation in the 508 PIR reunion in Charleston, SC, from 3-5 NOV. We currently have 43 Paratroopers who are slotted to attend - further strengthening our ties with Veterans and the association that supports us so well.

HHC conducted their monthly FRG meeting on 11 OCT at the Cleland Ice Rink. They rented the rink for an hour after the meeting to allow Families an opportunity to mingle and socialize as a company. Their focus topic was the calendar over the next three months and impacts of missions through the remainder of the year.

AMERICA’S GUARD OF HONOR (community involvement, sharing our legacy, and history-related events)

1-508 PIR continues to increase membership with the Family and Friends of the 508th PIR Association through outreach and participation in the reunion in early November. This week we will present at our battalion awards ceremony all the membership cards to the newest lifetime members of the 82nd Airborne Division Association.


Next week, 1-508 PIR will conduct a BN JFE onto Sicily DZ as part of the BCT FTX, conduct a MORTEP, send leaders to Corps PCC and the Airborne Leaders Course, and conduct driver's training in preparation for D Co's heavy weapons gunnery. During training week 5, we will participate in the Division's Maintenance Stand-down and we are planning to conduct our staff ride LPD to West Point, NYC, and Washington DC. Additionally, we will send approximately 81 personnel to test for their EIB with 1 BCT.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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