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13 NOV – 3 DEC 16

Our focus these past two+ weeks was conducting CLEAN SWEEP; continued change of command inventories for HHC, A, and J companies; executing our battalion ball on 19 NOV and Thanksgiving break; and conducting 2 x company JFEs on 30 NOV.

Great news!
This week we’ll be celebrating CSM Lawrence’s 100th jump, as well as CPT Suslik (outgoing J Co CDR), CPT Kearney (D Co CDR), CPT Joshua (incoming J Co CDR) SSG Cole (A Co), and SSG Ramos (J Co) earning their Senior Parachutist Badges.


Following CLEAN SWEEP and Thanksgiving break, 1-508 PIR got right back into the field for some great training. On 1 DEC, CPT Frazer and HHC will conduct medical treatment, evaluation, evacuation, and non-standard extraction training to facilitate life-saving aid and expedited transportation to higher echelons of care. They will employ the MSTC site for trauma lanes while in contact, and backhaul patients via RW from Monroe PZ to Pike LZ.

CPT Newell and B Co are currently executing TM LFX out at Range 76 in preparation for PLT LFX in FEB 17. When not on the range, PLTs are conducting STX lanes in the surrounding training area.

CPT Kearney and D Co continued their road to gunnery with Slingload training this week, which will culminate Thursday with slinging M1151A1s, M1167s, cargo nets, and cargo bags from Pike PZ to Monroe LZ (and back).

CPT Elgin and C Co will conduct a daytime CO JFE onto Normandy DZ, where they will tactically assemble and seize their assault OBJs (ISO TRAIL) by P+1. Brigadier Learmont will be jumping with C Co on this OPN. CPT Roubicek and A Co will follow suit with a night CO JFE onto Normandy DZ with the same ISO TRAIL mission by P+1 before moving to NTA V for SQD LAND NAV training all night and into Thursday morning.

CPT Suslik and J Co are supporting the 30 NOV ABN OPN with draw/issue/turn-in of all chutes.

Additionally, HHC, A Co, and J Co conducted change of command inventories and outbriefs at brigade, and all companies will be conducting Pay Day Activities this Friday.

On the maintenance line of effort, 1-508 PIR continued our efforts with OPN LEVELER and installing Mission Command systems in our vehicles. We participated in the 28 NOV mass turn-in of excess equipment (3 x PSD and 6 x pieces). Additionally, we’re leaning ahead with all commodity shops and systems to ensure we have a clean Operational Readiness Survey inspection in FEB 17.

Our efforts to increase personnel readiness over the past weeks included a BN-wide SRP on 22 NOV and closing out all personnel actions (awards, evaluations) through Christmas leave in preparation for 1F6’s change of command.


Since our last SITREP, 1-508 PIR has had 6 leaders begin training at the PRC course, and 2 Jumpmasters get refreshed at JMR, making 100% of our Jumpmasters current except one who needs to go to the T-11 transition course in January.

We sent 10 leaders to the past Airborne Leader Course (8 of whom walked on), bringing our numbers up to 21 that have attended across the BN. We will keep sending 10-12 leaders to each course until we are 100% across the formation.

Two weeks ago we had 3 leaders complete Family Readiness Liaison training at the Pope FRG Center. Additionally, we had FRG volunteers participate in Family Care training.


On 19 November 2016, 1-508 PIR hosted its annual ball at the Embassy Suites in Fayetteville, NC. The night consisted of a formal receiving line, posting of the Colors, a nice meal, and remarks by our guest of honor, CSM (ret) Kenneth “Rock” Merritt – WWII Veteran and honorary Sergeant Major of the 508 PIR. We were also honored to have the Family and Friends of the 508 PIR Association Board of Directors at our event. After the retiring of the Colors, Paratroopers, Family, and Friends enjoyed a long night of dancing and celebrating a great year of training (storyboard attached).

AMERICA’S GUARD OF HONOR (community involvement, sharing our legacy, and history-related events)

From 21-22 NOV, 1-508 PIR executed a non-perishable food items collection IOT [in order to] benefit Paratroopers and Families in need this Holiday season. Donations were received at locations throughout the BN and delivered to the 82d ABN DIV Paratrooper’s Pantry at the Office of the DIV Family Life Chaplain in Gavin Hall. Donations ranged from stuffing and soup to cake and hot cocoa. Several bags of personal hygiene items were donated as well. Collectively, the donations filled and entire Tuff Box and came in at over 100 lbs. CHs Reed and Stamps delivered the donations in person just in time for the holidays.


1-508 PIR’s focus over the next two weeks will be 1) preparation for BN CoC; 2) company and staff inbriefs with LTC McChrystal; 3) planning for D Co’s gunnery in JAN 17; 4) Planning for PLT LFX in FEB 17; and 5) preparation for Holiday block leave.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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