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Our focus these past two weeks was supporting 1-505’s MASTAC on 3 NOV with all ground Our focus these past two weeks was conducting the DRE and DRE recovery, conducting a BN(-) JFE, and preparing for both ORS, CIP inspections, D/1-508 PIR’s heavy weapons gunnery at Fort Benning, and Platoon Live Fire Exercises.

Great news:

- In the middle of preparing for the DRE, 1-508 PIR welcomed CSM Herbert Gill as our new Command Sergeant Major.

- Two C/1-508 PIR Platoon Sergeants, SFC Felton and SSG Sweisberger, led from the front and worked incredibly hard at the IIA to repackage all ammunition from the DRE to ensure that 3BCT had no detail requirements over MLK Weekend.


On 04 JAN, 1-508 PIR was notified to begin the DRE and initiated a multi-day exercise in personnel readiness, maintenance, range operations, vehicle preparations, and outload procedures. During that time, we completed all individual readiness tasks for deployable Paratroopers, zero’ed and qualified 230 Paratroopers, and exercised our expeditionary deployment systems. This exercise concluded on 11 JAN after marshalling the entire deployable force through the MASA, IIA, and Green Ramp in preparation for a JFE.

From 18-20 JAN, C/1-508 PIR executed Team LFX on RG 76. Teams conducted both day and night live fire iterations, which continued to build on skill level 1 tasks in preparation for platoon live fire exercises in FEB.

1-508 PIR will execute a BN(-) JFE onto Sicily DZ on 19 JAN, where A and B Co will seize P+1 airborne assault objectives while HHC conducts ACP 1 & 2 operations. Following the jump, A and B Co will remain to the east of Sicily DZ to conduct squad STX training for the remainder of the night and into the following morning.

D/1-508 PIR will depart for Fort Benning this Sunday, 22 JAN, for unstabilized gunnery and crew qualification. This training event will continue until 03 FEB and result in qualification for all of D Co’s crews in preparation for assuming GRB 1 in MAR. Our J Co distro platoon departed Fort Bragg on 18 JAN to support this gunnery, and will return a day after D Co.


1-508 PIR continues to improve on Airborne Leader proficiency, with 7 Paratroopers currently in the Airborne Leaders Course and 2 Paratroopers in Jumpmaster School this week. We have 3 Paratroopers in Ranger School and another 4 Paratroopers in the Pre-Ranger Course.

Along the Interoperability LOE, CPT Andy Koch departed earlier this week for OPERATION LONG LOOK, where he is now serving as a staff officer in 3 PARA (UK’s 16 AASLT BDE) for 3-4 months. 1-508 PIR will receive British CPT Henry Mitchell on Friday.


A/1-508 PIR’s SSG Demars re-enlisted for his mid-term this past week. 1-508 PIR Paratroopers were all briefed this week by SFC Sigmon (Retention NCO) on FY17 availability of bonuses for reenlistment and extending their current obligation. Two Paratroopers have taken advantage of these opportunities and extended their contracts.


1-508 PIR’s focus over the next two weeks will be Pre-ORS and ORS inspections in conjunction with CIP/SAVs from 3BCT. Additionally, we will continue to support D Co’s Gunnery at FBGA, conduct MG zero and qualification ranges, and prepare for Platoon Live Fire Exercises in FEB - further supporting our glidepath towards GRB 1 assumption in MAR.


MAJ Dru Rhodes
1-508 PIR Operations Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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