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1-508 PIR SITREP for 19 MAR - 01 APR 17

Our focus these past two weeks was on Squad Live Fire exercises and a battalion led machine gun clinic in preparation for Company Live Fires in April. Additionally, we conducted Shoot-house live fires that focused on enter building and clear a room procedures. Multiple small arms qualification ranges supported these events helping to validate and certify our tactical proficiency prior to Company Live Fires.

Great news from RTB as well. SPC Aldeano (A Co) passed Florida phase, and will earn his Ranger Tab with class 04-17 on Friday 31 MAR 17. 1LT Vince (HHC) and SGT Franz (HHC) both graduated RSLC this week. 1LT Vince was the honor graduate and SGT Franz won the Land Navigation Award.

1-508 PIR Readiness Statistics

1-508 PIR - Overall Individual Qualification: 100%
1-508 PIR M4 Qualification: 100%
1-508 PIR M9 Qualification: 98.1%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Crew Qualification: 100%
1-508 PIR M240 Qualification: 100%
1-508 PIR M3 Carl Gustav: 100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Platform Qualification: 100%
1-508 PIR 60mm Mortar: 100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Personnel Non-Deployable: 10%
1-508 PIR MRC-3 Total #: 83
1-508 PIR MRC-4 Total #: 5
1-508 PIR MED Board Total #: 21
1-508 PIR Chapter #: 14
1-508 PIR SRP Packets Complete: 97%

1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate: 96.9% 1
-508 PIR Pacing Item OR Rate: 100%
1-508 PIR Overdue Services: 0
1-508 PIR NMC Equipment Over 60 Days: 0
1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - Internal: 1
1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - External: 3
1-508 PIR Pieces of Excess Property: 34

UAS FY17 Flight Hours to Date: 262 hours
RAVEN, 10.5 hours
PUMA, 20 hours Instant Eye


1. Marksmanship. On 21-22 MAR, 1-508 PIR executed phase one of the machine gun clinic. As primary instructors, leaders from C Co developed the training for the M249. Training focused on how to operate (assemble, disassemble, functions check) and fire (load, fire, reduce stoppage, clear) a M249 under day, night, and CBRN conditions. Paratroopers fired Day Paper Qualification, Day Transition Qualification, and Night Transition Familiarization fire. 60 Paratroopers from the Battalion were trained and qualified on the M249 (see storyboard).

Running concurrently to the machine gun clinic on 21-22 MAR, 89x 1Fury Paratroopers conducted an M320 Qualification at Range 23. The firing table included various engagements ranging from enemy troops in the open, enemy automatic weapon positions, building windows, and bunkers at distances from 100 meters to 350 meters away. 62 out of the 89 Paratroopers scored 80 points or better earning the expert grenadier rating (see storyboard). Phase two of the machine gun clinic was executed from 27-31 MAR incorporating key lessons learned about building depth in the organization and training current and future gunners during this weapons density opportunity. Leaders from A, B, and C Companies divided up phase two focusing on the M240B machine guns in the battalion. A Co provided an introductory class that focused on machine gun history, equipment, common maintenance issues, and PMI. C Co was responsible for running the zero and qualification ranges to include iron sights, optics, and lasers shooting table II. B Co provided a class on machine gun theory, firing positions, and advanced gunnery. From 14-16 MAR 17, the Paratroopers of 1-508 PIR conducted an M4 Day/Night Qualification Range with concurrent training on EIB Tasks for the M4, M249, and M9. (see storyboard). Paratroopers were required to fire from the prone supported, prone-unsupported, and kneeling firing positions for qualification. In total, 146 Paratroopers received training on Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction and qualified with their assigned rifles.

On 22 March 2017, the Medical and Scout Platoons executed M9 qualification. This range began with Paratroopers conducting PMI with 1SG Gilmer and SGT Carver from HHC's Medical Platoon. Each paratrooper was allocated 40 rounds for instructional fire and 40 rounds for qualification. All 28 Paratroopers qualified within 2 hours of arriving at the range. 1SG Gilmer used the remaining time for instruction on advanced Pistol shooting techniques. This allowed the Medics and Scouts to conduct additional pistol marksmanship, utilizing the new techniques taught by 1SG Gilmer.

2. Physical Fitness. On 21-23MAR, Alpha Company initiated a PRC training program aimed to increase their number of PRC attendees and future Ranger graduates. This program consisted of 10 potential candidates conducting an RPFT, ruck march, swim exercise, and Comprehensive Soldier Functional Fitness session, all under the supervision and mentorship of Ranger qualified leaders within the company (see storyboard). D Co conducted PLT Land Navigation for PT on 23MAR17. Led by NCOIC SGT Angelino, AT-1 road marched to the Land Navigation course at Area J. Each Paratrooper performed two day iterations, first with an observer for familiarization, and second solo. Each paratrooper was required to find 3 out of 4 points in two hours. The platoon saw a 100% "GO" for the second "individual" iteration (see storyboard).

3. Medical Skills. The 1-508 PIR medical platoon received a shipment of CL VIII last week. Our medics inventoried and distributed these materials to support the ACF and other components of the GRB1. The supplies helped to fill our trauma kits and enhanced our medical readiness.

4. Communication. 1-508 PIR began the CS-17 fielding process last week. 1 x mission command vehicle was turned into the FSR team for POP/SNE enhancement. The improved digital communication systems will greatly improve our ability to communicate across the battlefield. 5. Small Unit Tactics.

On 23 MAR, Paratroopers from B Co and C Co conducted a Hand Grenade Range. Paratroopers were required to complete the Grenade Assault Course, throw 2x Practice Fuses, and throw 2x M67 Grenades. In total, 103 Paratroopers received training on employing the M67 Fragmentation Grenade from multiple positions and completed two live hand grenade throws (see storyboard).

From 27-28 MAR B Co executed the shoot house at range 62A. Thirteen fire teams completed the shoot house. B Co used this opportunity to master the basics of entering and clearing center and corner feed rooms, as well as clearing dead space. The company solidified TTPs and will use those to amend our SOPs (see storyboard).

On 30 MAR, B Co will execute an Air Assault on Cresswell LZ and maneuver to attack Afghan Village. Training focus will be on the squad level with an emphasis on counter IED training. This is a great opportunity for our Paratroopers to practice Air Assault operations and reinforce the lessons learned from the Shoot-house.

6. Mastery of Maintenance.

Over the past two weeks, 1-508 PIR's Maintenance Section in J Co completed fixes on dead-lining faults for three LMTVs and repaired 13 pieces of night vision equipment (PVS-14/PSQ20Bs). The Maintenance Section also completed services for eight wheeled vehicles. The Distribution Platoon conducted three ammo draws and turn-ins, supporting live fire and machine gun ranges. Additionally they executed the delivery of over 600 meals to Paratroopers out in the training area. 1-508 also completed all of its UERWG excess property transfers. Along with the planned UERWG equipment we were also able to turn-in 8x Push mowers, 3x Riding mowers, and 1x digital camera.

7. Airborne Proficiency.

1-508 PIR conducted an airborne operation on Wednesday 29 MAR on Sicily DZ. Wednesday's line helped 97 Paratroopers meet their progression requirements and significantly reduced our number of x3s and x2s. This jump is the second exercise of the TI and hang of combat equipment as we collect data to refine our SOPs and reduce jumper fatigue. This second repetition allowed us to work on our lessons learned from our 27 FEB BN JFE. Additionally, the 2 newest Jumpmasters in the battalion successfully executed their first safety duty on this airborne operation. 1-508 PIR will exit Paratroopers again on 03 APR.

8. Live Fire Exercises.

UAS Operations Overview.

CPT Delgado and SSG Roseberry from the S2 section conducted a RAVEN Initial Qualification Course that graduated on 24 MAR. HHC/1-508 PIR trained 40 Paratroopers from across the Division on the RAVEN UAS; certifying 31 new operators, and re-certifying/providing currency for 9 existing operators. The first half of the training was held in the 1-508 PIR classroom where Paratroopers conducted classroom and simulator flight training, with the second half consisting of flight operations on All American, Normandy, and Salerno Drop Zones. Additionally, all RAVEN UAS students were trained and certified in the operation of the PUMA UAS.

From 27-28MAR, Alpha Company conducted squad live fire exercises on Range 76. 61 Paratroopers, from 6 separate rifle squads and their leadership, completed the lane. All squads completed dry, blank, and live iterations during the day, as well as blank and live night iterations. The scenario chosen for the lane called for squads to advance through sparse terrain, bounding and suppressing a team-sized enemy fighting position approximately 300 meters away. The squads then established a support by fire, acting as the supporting operation for a platoon mission that would clear the objective (see storyboard).

School Updates.

1-508 PIR has 53 Ranger-qualified Paratroopers, with another 3 leaders currently in Ranger School (1 in Darby Phase, 1 in Florida Phase, 1 to graduate on Friday 31 MAR). 1-508 PIR currently has 5 Paratroopers in PRC 06-17 schedule to graduate on 12 APR.

We have 37 Jumpmasters, with CPT Krembel (HHC), CPT Brege (HHC), and SGT Woodard (C Co) awaiting PWAC, tentatively scheduled for 05 APR. We have two Paratroopers (1LT Robben (A Co) and SGT Novy (HHC) in the current Jumpmaster course that began on 20 MAR preparing to graduate on 07 APR.

SGT Edge (D Co) and 2LT Staton (J Co) graduated the Air Movement Officer course today 29 MAR.

GRF Operations.

On Monday 27 MAR, MG Skeates from UK's Standing Joint Task Force (SJTF, UK equivalent of the GRF) met with 3BCT to walk through the DRC cage. 1-508 PIR XO, MAJ Scher represented the GRB1 along with members of the engineers, artillery and medical teams that have equipment rigged in the DRC. Topics of discussion centered on the capabilities of the GRF, readiness, and identifying areas to work on to bring the two forces more in line with each other.

C Co continues operations to guard the DRC and continues to maintain security accountability and professional standards expected from all Paratroopers.

OSBn responsibilities have rotated to 1-325 AIR. 1-508 PIR made initial link-up and provided key information necessary for the out-load of the GRB1. 1Fury has provided the OSBn updated container locations, personnel pick up locations, and our ACF layout SOP.

During the past two weeks 1-508 PIR developed and implemented a Door Bundle SOP, which requires each company to build and maintain (and then rebuild if used) two door bundles each that serve as pre-made/ready shells for items to be quickly inserted in the event of a no-notice notification. These door bundles consist of 6 x Javelin Missiles (paperboard honeycomb stack with internal cut-outs to accommodate 2 x FGM-148 Javelin missiles and 8 x ASIP Batteries for the CLUs); 2 x 81mm mortar system door bundles (a paperboard honeycomb stack with internal cut-outs to accommodate a complete 81mm mortar system and rounds); and 4 x tailorable load door bundles (a tough box containing batteries, medical supplies, and other mission-specific requirements across most classes of supply, with an appropriately sized paperboard honeycomb cut-out to pad the bottom of the load). These door bundles will be inspected Friday 31 MAR by the 1Fury Air team to ensure that all companies have their door bundle shells complete and in accordance with the SOP.

On Friday 31 MAR members from the USAF Weapons School will visit the DRC cage to receive a capabilities brief. Both sides will benefit by creating a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the GRF.

WIN TOMORROW'S FIGHT (Leader development, Innovation, More capable units, Interoperability, Deployments)

On 24 MAR, 1-508 PIR Command Teams took part in a global threats LPD with emphasis on potential conflict zones in each geographic combatant command area of responsibility.

On 27 MAR, C Co conducted a leader led discussion on the Soldier 2020 program. There was great discussion points brought up that resulted in C Co being more prepared and informed for the implementation of the Soldier 2020 program.

PARATROOPERS FOR LIFE (Recruiting, Retention, Families, Alumni/Association)

During the past two weeks 1-508 PIR re-enlisted four of its Paratroopers: SGT Ramirez (HHC), SGT Fuentes (HHC), SPC Barraza (HHC), and SGT TEW (D Co). All outstanding Paratroopers that will continue to serve 1-508 and the Army.

On 24 MAR, C Co conducted a Family Readiness Group ice cream sundae social that included a movie. All those that showed up had a great time and enjoyed fellowship with other families.

On 30MAR, Alpha Company will conduct a FRG hot dog sale in the vicinity of the Alpha Company COFT. All proceeds will go to the company FRG funds to support future events. Also on 30 MAR, 1Fury Command Teams along with their spouses will attend the "It takes a Team" Training at the Pope FRG Center.


The focus for Training Weeks 28 and 29 will be continued SQD LFXs and marksmanship training in preparation for CAMLFX. Next week we will conduct an airborne operation, SQD LFX, MORTEP, sniper KD range, RVTT/sling load training, and assume OC/T support for 1BCT's MRX.

The following week we will continue to execute the MORTEP, as well as continue to use the Shoothouse in preparation for CAMLFX. A Co will assume ACF duty from B Co on 13 APR.



MAJ Adam Scher
1-508 PIR Executive Officer
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV

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