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During the past two weeks 1-508 PIR conducted EIB train-up, Division PAI, two airborne operations, and executed training at the CBRN chamber. 1-508 PIR Troopers surged to the Blood Donation Center in support of the Armed Forces Blood Drive, with 1 FURY donating more blood than any other unit in Division.

Alpha Company and HHC focused on Change of Command inventories, Bravo and Charlie Companies prepared for ORA by completing all weapons services, Delta Company participated in two PVL top 40 rollouts, and Juliet Company completed all overdue services.

1-508 PIR conducted an M9 qualification range 9 NOV 17, qualifying four Paratroopers.

Two Paratroopers successfully completed Jumpmaster School on 9 NOV 17!

We have great news to report from Fort Benning; Charlie Company’s SPC Negrete will graduate Ranger School this Friday on 10 NOV 17!

1-508 PIR Readiness Statistics:

1-508 PIR Overall Individual Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR M4 Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR M9 Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Crew Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR M240 Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR M3 Carl Gustav: 100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Platform Qualification: 100%

1-508 PIR 60mm Mortar: 100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Personnel Non-Deployable: 5%

1-508 PIR MRC-3 Total #: 77

1-508 PIR MRC-4 Total #: 14

1-508 PIR MED Board Total #: 22

1-508 PIR Chapter #: 20

1-508 PIR SRP Packets Complete: 97%

1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate: 96.7%

1-508 PIR Pacing Item OR Rate: 100%

1-508 PIR Overdue Services: 0

1-508 PIR NMC Equipment over 60 Days: 62

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - Internal: 3

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - External: 0

1-508 PIR Pieces of Excess Property: 2

UAS FY17 Flight Hours to Date: 81 hours RAVEN, 2.5 hours PUMA


1. Marksmanship.

HHC conducted an M9 range on 9 NOV 17, qualifying four Paratroopers.

2. Physical Fitness.

Bravo Company has taken ownership of the 1-508 PIR Pre-Ranger preparation program which challenges Paratroopers and prepares them for the physical rigors of Ranger School. The success of the program is evidenced by the two B Co Troopers in Florida Phase with a graduation date of 08 DEC 17.

Delta Company added squat racks, benches, boxes, and other pieces of work-out equipment to their Company AO. The equipment will be used to conduct Mountain Tactical Institute’s Relative Strength Assessment in December for the entire Company, as well as initiate the Ranger School Training Plan with a focused group of candidates and leaders following block leave.

3. Medical Skills.

Company level medics inventoried all IFAKs and identified and ordered any shortages they could not immediately fill. While conducting CBRN training, the medical Platoon executed litter transfer and decontamination, skin and wound decontamination, and monitored for completeness of decontamination; critical tasks when operating in a CBRN environment.

4. Communication.

1-508 PIR diligently enrolled every Paratrooper in Blackboard connect and conducted multiple tests to verify the system. The Company communication reps and S6 shop continued to work together with the FSRs to turn in the remaining NETT Warrior Future Initiatives equipment.

5. Small Unit Tactics.


6. Mastery of Maintenance.

During the last two weeks, 1-508 PIR completed two Companies' worth of quarterly services and provided unscheduled maintenance support to weapons and equipment during EIB. The maintenance section also completed 49 overdue services, reducing the overdue services to zero. NMC over 60 days dropped from 74 to 62 and the maintenance section completed and closed out seven PSQ-20Bs, resulting in 0 pieces of equipment with parts on hand. The shop office turned in $21,885 of ORILs, reducing the BN's ORILs from 12 to six. Finally, the BN completed two lateral transfers and has set itself on a glide path to complete 20/26 internal later transfers NLT 17 NOV 17.

7. Airborne Proficiency.

1-508 PIR participated in two Airborne Operations, exiting 72 Troopers and significantly reducing the number of x2’s and x3’s in the Battalion.

8. Live Fire Exercises.


School Updates.

We have 56 current Jumpmasters in the battalion. Two Paratroopers completed Jumpmaster School on 9 NOV 17 and are awaiting PWAC.

Currently, 1-508 PIR has 4 Paratroopers in Ranger School Florida Phase; three have a tentative graduation date of 08 DEC 17 and SPC Negrete will graduate on 10 NOV 17.

GRF Operations.

1-508 PIR established an ORA working group to prepare for the upcoming DRC changeover, ORA and GRB1 transition from 4 – 15 DEC.


The Mortar Platoon continued to test the PEO Soldier prototype sight for the 60mm mortar systems, and traveled to Virginia to offer feedback on the system. BN Mortars are planning their semi-annual Mortar Training and Evaluation Program, where they will continue to test and evaluate the prototypes from PEO Soldier.


1-508 Troopers surged to the Blood Donation Center in support of the Armed Forces Blood Drive. Over 50% of the Battalion donated blood, resulting in the 1-508 donating the most units.

The Companies are planning their Holiday events, with events planned after the EIB 12-miler, before block leave, and before Christmas.


The focus for the next two weeks is EIB testing, Clean Sweep and Block Leave.


Major John Intile
1-508 PIR S3
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV


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