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The 1-508 PIR SITREP for 22 February – 08 March 2018 is below for your review.

Good news from Fort Benning; we are happy to report that CPL Brandon Smit from B/1-508 PIR has earned the coveted Ranger Tab and will be graduating on Friday, 09 March 2018.  B/1-508 PIR also reenlisted two Paratroopers this reporting period.  One of them did his reenlistment in the gas chamber!

More great news of Fury Paratroopers leading the way: CPL (P) Russell, one of our Intel Analysts, was nominated for the CSM Doug Russell Military Intelligence Award for her outstanding performance as an Intelligence Analyst.  Of particular note, she was crucial in breaking the JRTC record for Raven flight hours flown by an entire Brigade.  She has personally flown over 200hours.  Additionally, she led the Battalion’s Personnel Security push prior to assumption of GRB1, inputting the entire Battalion into ISOPREP.

1-508 PIR’s priority over the past two weeks has been conditions-setting for a Battalion level deployment to Fort AP Hill. Key task have included: personal readiness tasks, equipment/vehicle maintenance, Battalion NWFI Commex, company level marksmanship, and deployment preparation for Fort AP Hill.  

1-508 PIR Readiness Statistics:

1-508 PIR - Overall Individual Qualification:  98.6%
1-508 PIR M4 Qualification:  95%
1-508 PIR M9 Qualification:  100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Crew Qualification:  100%
1-508 PIR M240 Qualification:  100%
1-508 PIR M3 Carl Gustav:  100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Platform Qualification:  100%
1-508 PIR 60mm Mortar:  100%

1-508 PIR Aggregate Personnel Non-Deployable:  10%
1-508 PIR MRC-3 Total #:  61
1-508 PIR MRC-4 Total #:  3
1-508 PIR MED Board Total #: 11
1-508 PIR Chapter #:  14
1-508 PIR SRP Packets Complete:  97%

1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate:  92.2%
1-508 PIR Pacing Item OR Rate:  100%
1-508 PIR Overdue Services:  0
1-508 PIR NMC Equipment over 60 Days: 42
1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - Internal: 0
1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - External: 2
1-508 PIR Pieces of Excess Property:  0

Line of Effort #1:  “Fight Tonight”. 

1.  Marksmanship.  

A/1-508 PIR M240 gunners completed their record qualification, to include the night qualification tables in preparation for SQD LFX.  They also conducted a reflexive fire range to facilitate BD 6 training at range 62A.  Paratroopers worked through the reflexive fire tables in pro mask, training proper sight alignment and laser implementation before entering the shoot house.

                                   1-508 Paratroopers conduct reflexive fire in Pro-Masks

B/1-508 PIR conducted short range marksmanship to facilitate retraining from their shoot house training during week 18.  30x Paratroopers worked through three separate reflexive fire tables focusing on rapidly acquiring targets, shooting while moving laterally, and proper execution of controlled pairs.  B/1-508 PIR also conducted anti-armor training during week 22.  This training centered on familiarization of the AT-4 by using sub caliber munitions and mounting lasers and sights to the AT-4 using clamp systems.  The anti-armor training also included training on the Carl Gustav and Javelin weapon systems and how to use them during limited visibility.

C/1-508 PIR qualified all M240 and M249 Gunners on 5 March 2018, along with Assistant Gunners across its formation on RNG 30. Charlie Company executed the range in support of the Battalion formation, increasing marksmanship across the Companies. The gunners were qualified on Tables II and III in preparation for Squad LFX at AP Hill next week.

1-508 Paratroopers conduct Machine Gun Qual Tables

D/1-508 PIR conducted Table III and IV at Range 66A in preparation for Table V and VI. D Co qualified 20 PAX day, 12 PAX night on MK-19. 25 PAX day and 24 PAX night qualified on the M2. D/1-508 PIR also helped share their expertise by helping train other companies on the MK-19 and M2. During Week 23, D/1-508 PIR conducted Table V-IX, qualifying 16 crews.

D/1-508 PIR Paratroopers conduct Gunnery at AP Hill

2.  Physical Fitness. 

1-508 PIR continues to focus on small unit leadership through physical fitness, as Bravo Company facilitates the BN SURT preparation PT Program.  There are currently 12 Paratroopers enrolled in the program. B/1-508 PIR also executed a Company eight-mile foot march as part of preparation for the Company 40-miler in April.

The lieutenants of 1-508 PIR are leading from the front during the BDE run Janney Cup. 2LT Townes was the first lieutenant to complete the run as well as the 12 mile ruck march.

1-508 Lieutenants making their way through Area K with approximately 2 miles remaining in the ruck route.

1-508 Lieutenants conduct a layout following the 12 mile ruck.

3.  Medical Skills. 

B/1-508 PIR trained on treating casualties wounded in a CBRN environment as part of their train up for AP Hill.  This training focused on treating injuries while in MOPP Level IV and how to decontaminate casualties.

On 07 March, C/1-508 PIR executed a Company CBRN Chamber. 67 PAX moved through the Chamber, increasing their confidence in the M50 Protective Mask, and receiving instruction on decontamination. This event will serve as the building block for STX Training, which will include CBRN tasks, during the upcoming AP Hill OPT.

1-508 Paratroopers conduct CBRNE Chamber and Decontamination training

CLS Qualified- 348 PAX

CLS+ Qualified- 276 PAX

38 Paratroopers trained CLS+ this past reporting period.


4.  Communication. 

The Battalion S6 led the NWFI COMMEX/VALEX this past week. The NWFI COMMEX was a five day event that began with the consolidation of every piece NWFI equipment across the Battalion. Some of the tasks included reimaging the ATAK EUD, reprograming IMBITRs and Trelisware radios, and configuring the Wave server to communicate on WINTAK from the KLAS/TRIK Box. A critical task to this endeavor was a network node test of ATAK to TW-400 and IMBITRs. This test resulted in 159 radio nodes and 32 voice channels recognized in the radio system setting the highest record of nodes ever attempted in TSM radio network history.

1-508 Paratroopers receive their new issue of NWFI equipment
During the VALEX, each company rotated through the battalion classroom during their allocated time slots to validate physical labels of equipment, Call Signs (digital and physical), unit PLI color. Companies also confirmed AP Hill map data, chat rooms, and compromise procedures. Companies received an NWFI class covering the changes to the ATAK EUD and a review of NWFI SOP. The VALEX ended with all NWFI radios, EUDs online, transmitting, receiving voice, and data through the local TAK server all while conducting a short maneuver exercise inside the Division’s footprint.

-508 Paratroopers conduct voice transmission from a SINGARS radio to Mobile device through Wave on the KLAS Box

The battalion also participated in the BDE wide JBC-P COMMEX. The intent of the COMMEX was to confirm the status of JBC-Ps and to validate the functionality of the systems. Users were able to log onto their JBC-P systems and send a massage via free text to BDE S6 team. 45 systems are currently installed on vehicles and 38 JBC-P systems are fully mission capable.

5.  Small Unit Tactics. 

A/1-508 PIR executed Squad STX from 26-28FEB.  Squads trained on LDA crossings, react to contact, movement techniques, and deliberate ambush with OPFOR during day and night conditions.

B/1-508 PIR focused training preparations for AP Hill live fires.  The focus for SQD LDRs was Battle Drill 5 (Knock-out a Bunker) and Battle Drill 1 (React to Contact).  With those key training tasks Paratroopers also received introduction to Subterranean and Mega-City Operations blocks of instruction to facilitate training at AP Hill.

 C/1-508 PIR executed Squad STX in NTA 5. This training began with a company air assault into the training area, where each platoon executed assembly and tactical movement in preparation for their platoon air assaults at AP Hill. Charlie Company executed three days of training, each squad received validation during a practical exercise before culminating in both a day and night STX Lane. The lane focused on FOOM, react to IDF, and 9-line MEDEVAC. These basics served as the building block for Squad LFX and more advanced training in the upcoming OPT at AP Hill.

1-508 Paratroopers conduct rotary wing infill to NTA 5 for STX training

D/1-508 PIR conducted concurrent training during gunnery at Fort AP Hill that focused on preparing Paratroopers for movement in urban terrain and Battle Drill 6. Senior NCOs taught Paratroopers how to move in a stack and how to clear different types of rooms (center-fed, corner-fed, hallway, etc).

HHC Scouts conducted a practical exercise in Area J on 08MAR that allowed the Recon Team Leaders to continue their refinement of their Teams' SOPs and focused on communication between Surveillance Site & Hide Site, and the duties required of every member of the team during execution.

HHC Mortar PLT conducted dismounted mortar training at NCOA MOUT.  The mortar platoon trained on the dynamic emplacement of their mortar platforms in an urban environment.  Other training objectives included terrain and target analysis in an urban environment, employment of mortars in urban terrain, mobile mortar firing points, and defensive operations.  Their training culminated in a force on force exercise with UTM rounds and civil considerations.

6.  Mastery of Maintenance.

During the past two weeks, 1-508 PIR set conditions for a successful outload to Fort AP Hill. The automotive section performed all necessary services and unscheduled maintenance to prepare the distro platoon for its convoy to AP Hill on 04 MAR 18. Maintenance continued during the convoy, making on-the-spot fixes and repairs to ensure the convoy’s safe arrival. The small arms and C&E sections performed services and gauging to mitigate weapons/NVG malfunctions during upcoming missions. Key services included all CROWS systems for Delta Company's AP Hill gunnery. 

Currently, the battalion still maintains a balance of 0 overdue services.  According to Division, we are the only battalion that can claim this. In addition, the maintenance platoon dramatically reduced the amount of NMC equipment over 60 days from 106 pieces of equipment to 42 pieces of equipment (21 of which are evacuated to higher level maintenance shops). The battalion completed five lateral transfers and moved 30 containers out of the motor-pool in an effort to divest ourselves of unserviceable and excess storage.

Over the next two weeks the maintenance platoon will continue to conduct both scheduled and unscheduled services to maintain zero overdue services and minimize NMC over 60 and complete parts on hand not installed while the battalion is at AP Hill. The maintenance platoon will maintain a detachment at AP Hill to conduct maintenance and provide recovery capabilities for 1-508 PIR. The shop office will continue to inventory shop/bench stock and order shortages when needed. Scheduled services will include two company's worth of quarterly weapons services, one company of NVG services, and 12 vehicles and trailers.

In an assessment of CDDP, HHC/1-508 PIR was one of only two companies across the BDE to score a 100% and the Battalion as a whole scored a 95%, the highest in the BDE.

1-508 PIR underwent Physical Security Inspections during week 23.  Thanks to the efforts of SGT Harris and 2LT Nieves of the S2 shop, as well as the Company Command Teams, the battalion achieved a GO on 5/5 inspections.  This sets the conditions for 1-508 PIR to pass the final Company inspection and motorpool inspection upon return from Fort AP Hill.


1-508 PIR DOS O/H: (18), DOS Short: (12), Short $(1,278.54)


1-508 PIR DOS O/H: ( ), DOS Short: ( ), Short $(244,625.72)  54% of supply.


7.  Airborne Proficiency.

1-508 PIR participated in two airborne operations in the past week, on 05 MAR 35 Paratroopers exited during an operation led by 1-505. On 06 MAR, 139 Paratroopers exited during a mass tac operation led by 2-505.

1-508 PIR Airborne Readiness:

Total # Current Jumpmasters: 62

Total # Current DZSO: 5

Total # Current DACO: 6

Total # White Slip Holders: 4


8. Live Fire Exercise.

A/1-508 PIR conducted a reflexive fire range and shoothouse from 26-28FEB. This included reflexive fire and battle drill 6 using a promask during the day, as well as laser implementation during limited visibility.  Proper target identification was enforced by mixing threat and non-threat targets within the room.  Accuracy and violence of action were enforced by using drop-targets with balloons.  The training resulted in updating and improving Alpha Company’s battle drill 6 SOP.  This event will pay great dividends when Alpha Company conducts BD 6 at AP Hill and Company LFXs in Latvia.  

On 05 March 2018, D/1-508 PIR deployed to Fort AP Hill to conduct gunnery qualifications.  As of 08 March 2018, they completed qualification for 16 crews on Tables V and VI.  The rest of the Battalion stands ready to join D/1-508 PIR on 12 March 2018 and execute Squad Live Fire Exercises.

Line of Effort #2:  “Win Tomorrow’s Fight”.

SPC Martel and SGT Smith completed the Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) training this week, acquiring the knowledge to operate the inflatable and portable satellite antenna in the battalion. The T2C2 provides early entry units in air-to-land missions, as well as follow-on units at the tactical edge, access to the Army's tactical communications network. T2C2 systems will be kept at BDE S6 level and be requested on a first come, first served basis. The satellite systems have 3x SIPR and 3x NIPR ports.

The S2 section hosted SGM Glenn Patti, the XVIII Airborne Corps G2 SGM, for a seminar on Intelligence Driving Operations.  Leaders from within the Battalion and Intel Analysts from across the BDE were present as SGM Patti shared multiple vignettes on his participation in the hunt for Zarqawi, UBL, and OPERATION ANACONDA.  He highlighted the importance of junior analysts not only knowing their own craft, but also gaining a proficiency on maneuver tactics and procedures in order to better know the enemy.  At the conclusion of the seminar, CSM Gill presented SGM Patti with a Battalion Coin and Battalion PT Shirt as a token of our appreciation.

School Updates:


CPL SMITH, BRANDON                               GRAD 09 MAR 18

2LT KECK, MACKENZIE                   MTN     GRAD 06 APR 18

SGT RATHBURN, SCOTT                 BEN     GRAD 27 APR 18

SPC SHANNON, BRIAN                     BEN     GRAD 27 APR 18

PFC CLASBY, ETHAN                       BEN     GRAD 27 APR 18

3x JM:

SSG DEPIPPO, ANDREW                             GRAD 23 MAR 18

SSG PATTERSON, STEPHEN                     

SGT EDGE, CHAD                            

6x BLC:


SPC JOHNSON, GARRETT              

CPL MOCK, DEVAN                          




2x RSLC:

SSG EIKENBERG, KEVIN                              GRAD 26 MAR 18


3x ALC:

SGT CLOUGH, PHILLIP                                 GRAD 04 APR 18




SGT KURCHHOFER, CAMERON                  GRAD 18 MAR 18

Line of Effort #3:  “Paratroopers for Life”.

B/1-508 PIR reenlisted two paratroopers; SSG Wing reenlisted for stabilization and SGT Moncrief reenlisted in the gas chamber for Ft. Carson.

Line of Effort #4:  “America’s Guard of Honor”. 

1-508 PIR prepares to transition GRB responsibilities to 1-505 PIR, and supports the brigade in ORA requirements and DRC change over.


Over the next two weeks 1-508 PIR will execute Company level training beginning with Squad Live Fire Exercises at Fort AP Hill. Paratroopers will conduct training on subterranean operations, dense urban maneuver, and Platoon level air assaults. 


Major John Intile
1-508 PIR S3
3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV


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