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The priorities for 1-508 PIR over the past two weeks have been AP Hill, VA collective training recovery, the deliberate execution of three simultaneous company change of command inventories, and Platoon Live Fire Exercise planning. We are proud to report 2LT Mackenzie Keck will graduate Ranger School on 06 April 2018. Other 1-508 PIR Paratrooper highlights include the reenlistment of 14 Fury Paratroopers, and CPT Shaye Haver (OIC) and 2LT David Townes’s contribution to the 3BCT Bataan Death March Team’s overall victory in the grueling 26.2 mile race.


1-508 PIR Readiness Statistics:


1F Qualification Statistics:  Overall I/C/P Qualification Percentage: 89%


Individual Weapon Systems: 

M4 Current Percentage: 94%

M9 Current Percentage:  83%

M249 AR Current Percentage:  91%

M320 Current Percentage: 93%

Shotgun Current Percentage: 100%

Sniper Weapon Systems Current Percentage: 100%


Crew Weapons:   

M240 B/L Current Percentage: 98%

M2 Current Percentage:  67%

MK19 Current Percentage: 100%

Javelin Current Percentage: 96% 

M41 ITAS Current Percentage: 100%

Mortars (60mm, 81mm, 120mm) Current Percentage: 100%


1-508 PIR Aggregate Personnel Non-Deployable:  10%

1-508 PIR MRC-3 Total #:  33

1-508 PIR MRC-4 Total #:  2

1-508 PIR MED Board Total #: 10

1-508 PIR Chapter #:  5

1-508 PIR SRP Packets Complete:  96%


1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate: 94.3%

1-508 PIR Pacing Item OR Rate: 100%

1-508 PIR Overdue Services: 0

1-508 PIR NMC Equipment Over 60 Days: 99

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - Internal:  0

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - External:  0

1-508 PIR Pieces of Excess Property:  0


Line of Effort #1:  “Fight Tonight”. 


1.  Marksmanship.  


1-508 PIR began development of a BN Long Range Marksmanship Program to be executed at the end of April.  This program will seek to train select 1-508 PIR Paratroopers in the fundamentals relating to engaging targets past 300 meters.  The training will involve two days of classroom instructions, two days on the Range, and a competition to find the 1-508 PIR "Top Shot". 


2.  Physical Fitness. 


1-508 PIR companies placed emphasis on dismounted ruck march PT over the last two weeks. In preparation for extended dismounted operations during Operation Swift Response this coming June, Paratroopers and Leaders are refining and implementing a progressing ruck program across all formations.


3.  Medical Skills. 


The Medic Platoon is currently training up to send 9x medics to EFMB on 30 April – 19 May 18. 

CLS Qualified- 348 PAX

CLS+ Qualified- 350 PAX

30 Paratroopers trained CLS+ this past reporting period.


4.  Communication. 


The S6 Integrated Tactical network (ITNE) team, formerly known as CNR, began recovery operations by collecting a list of broken NWFI equipment from the companies. This list was shared with the NWFI FSR teams in order to develop a plan to replenish the broken equipment and provide enough spare parts to outfit the battalion for the Platoon Live Fire Exercise. The S6 ITNE team, in conjunction with the company’s communication representatives, has turned in used and damaged batteries to DPW for proper disposal.


JBC-P operation and implementation is still one of the top priorities across the BDE. To ensure 1-508 PIR continues to meet priorities and become better stewards of this equipment, the maintenance plan ensures the -10/-20 standard and use of equipment is tracked by conducting communications reporting via the JBC-P the first working day of every month.


5.  Small Unit Tactics.


1-508 PIR will use the airborne operation on 05 April to exit a planned 492 jumpers onto Sicily Drop Zone and conduct follow on operations. Individual Paratrooper understanding of the ground tactical plan is paramount to the rapid assembly and execution of the follow on missions. 1-508 PIR leaders empower LGOPs to execute the Commander’s intent and win!


6.  Mastery of Maintenance.


The Maintenance Platoon conducted scheduled and unscheduled services while supporting the Battalion during recovery from operations at Fort AP Hill. The shop office continued to work on updating the MATSIT and inventorying the bench/shop stocks. During recovery operations the maintenance platoon accepted and began repairs on NMC equipment that returned from AP Hill.


The BN participated in Maintenance LPDs that taught the company command teams classes on G-Army, Zpark, and TMDE.


Over the next two weeks the Maintenance platoon will continue to conduct both scheduled and unscheduled services. In addition, the Maintenance platoon will focus on repairing all NMC equipment from Fort AP Hill. As the focus of the BN shifts towards Swift Response, the Maintenance platoon will help the BN prepare by focusing on mission essential equipment. The automotive section will conduct 9 rolling stock service and the Small-arms section will conduct two companies’ worth of Annual Services.


The BN S2 team ensured BN success with physical security inspections, enabling 1-508 PIR to be the only BN in the BDE to achieve 6/6 passing rate to include the motor pool.



1-508TH- DOS O/H: (23 ), DOS Short: (7 ), Short $(743.89)


1-508TH- DOS O/H: ( ), DOS Short: ( ), Short $(244,625.72 ) - 54% of supply

7.  Airborne Proficiency.


This evening, 1-508 PIR will exit a planned 492 jumpers onto Sicily Drop Zone.  An air package of 3 x C130s, and 3 x C17s will support the Airborne Assault.


1-508 PIR Airborne Readiness:

Total # Current Jumpmasters: 57

Total # Current DZSO: 5

Total # Current DACO: 6

Total # White Slip Holders: 4


8. Live Fire Exercise.

1-508 PIR is preparing to conduct Platoon Live Fire Exercises at West McKiethan Pond during TW 29.



Line of Effort #2:  “Win Tomorrow’s Fight”.


1-508 PIR prepares for the arrival of C coy, 3 Para and integration for Operation Swift Response this coming June.  Major Andre Fox leads a lethal formation of 120 Paratroopers. This combat ready Coy will be an incredible addition to the 1-508 and 3BCT fighting team. Major Fox and a small team will arrive to conduct initial recon between the 8th and 11th of April.


School Updates:



2LT KECK, MACKENZIE                            GRAD 06 APR 18

SPC CHAMNESS, NICHOLAS                    GRAD 06 APR 18

SGT RATHBURN, SCOTT                           GRAD 27 APR 18

SPC SHANNON, BRIAN                             GRAD 27 APR 18

PFC CLASBY, ETHAN                               GRAD 27 APR 18

2x JM:

SGT SPENCER, HANK                                GRAD 20 APR 18

SGT CHACHO, VICTOR                               GRAD 20 APR 18

2x BLC:

SPC FULCE, DEREK                                  GRAD 18 APR 18

SPC LAROSE, WILERSON                          GRAD 18 APR 18

3x ALC:

SGT CLOUGH, PHILLIP                              GRAD 04 APR 18

SGT FRANZ, MARK                                    GRAD 04 APR 18

SGT NOVY, TIMOTHY                                 GRAD 04 APR 18


SGT OLEARY, GARRETT                            GRAD 06 APR 18

CPL METZGER, JOHN                                GRAD 06 APR 18

1x SLC:

SSG BODANI, JACK                                   GRAD 20 APR 18

2x AMO:

SGT GAMBILL, KELLY                                GRAD 18 APR 18

SSG SHANDY, STEVEN                              GRAD 18 APR 18

Line of Effort #3:  “Paratroopers for Life”.


1-508 PIR FRG hosted a BN wide Easter Egg hunt on 29 March 18.  Fury families participated in an egg toss, egg races, and an Easter Egg hunt by Fury Pond.


Future Fury Paratroopers hunt for Easter Eggs!


The Easter Bunny paid a visit to Fury Pond.


1Fury Paratroopers participate in an egg toss.


In light of the amazing training conducted at Fort AP Hill, A/1-508 PIR reenlisted SPC Dowdy and SPC Sullivan



B/1-508 reenlisted 5x Paratroopers.  SPC Bradley for Ft. Hood, SPC Lopez for reclass to 92F, and SPC Telg and SPC Pagan and SGT Fishbaugher reenlisted for stabilization on Ft Bragg.


C/1-508 PIR reenlisted SPC Zoda and SPC Reynolds and will continue to pursue re-enlistment options for SPC Kaiwi and SPC Fogel in the coming month.


HHC/1-508 PIR reenlisted SGT Corona, SGT Hupf, SGT Day, SGT Sabourin, and SGT Noda.



Line of Effort #4:  “America’s Guard of Honor”. 


CPT Haver and 2LT Townes led the way on the 3BCT Bataan Death March Team who came away as the top overall team.






Over the next two weeks 1-508 PIR will focus on the preparation and execution of Platoon Live Fires at West McKiethan Pond by conducting crew weapon qualifications, live fire LPDs, ORDERs production, and platoon rehearsals.




Major John Intile

1-508 PIR S3

3BCT, 82nd ABN DIV


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