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Over the last two weeks 1-508 PIR focused on crushing the competition during All American Week, participating in the NIE Main Planning Conference and preparation for Battalion Change of Command and deploying for Swift Response.  1-508 PIR is incredibly proud to report our successful recognition as “Best Battalion” following the completion of all events. Every Paratrooper gave their all, maintaining a fighting spirit – we couldn’t be more proud to bring home the trophy!


1-508 PIR wins Best Battalion during All American Week!

1-508 PIR Readiness Statistics:


1 Fury Qualification Statistics:  Overall I/C/P Qualification Percentage: 97%


Individual Weapon Systems: 

M4 Current Percentage: 100%

M9 Current Percentage:  100%

M249 AR Current Percentage:  100%

M320 Current Percentage: 100%

Shotgun Current Percentage: 96%

Sniper Weapon Systems Current Percentage: 100%


Crew Weapons: 

M240 B/L Current Percentage: 100%

M2 Current Percentage:  100%

MK19 Current Percentage: 100%

Javelin Current Percentage: 100%

M41 ITAS Current Percentage: 100%

Mortars (60mm, 81mm, 120mm) Current Percentage: 100%


1-508 PIR Aggregate Personnel Non-Deployable:  8%

1-508 PIR MRC-3 Total #:  54

1-508 PIR MRC-4 Total #:  0

1-508 PIR MED Board Total #: 11

1-508 PIR Chapter #:  8

1-508 PIR SRP Packets Complete:  95%


1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate: 96.6%

1-508 PIR Pacing Item OR Rate: 100%

1-508 PIR Overdue Services: 37

1-508 PIR NMC Equipment Over 60 Days: 81

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - Internal:  0

1-508 PIR Delinquent Lateral Transfers - External:  0

1-508 PIR Pieces of Excess Property:  0


Line of Effort #1:  “Fight Tonight”. 


1.  Marksmanship.  


1LT West led the 1-508 PIR Small Arms Team for All American Week.  The team demonstrated 1-508 PIR’s exceptional lethality and marksmanship earning a #1 ranking during the Small Arms Competition.  The whole team earned the Expert in Competition badge for their efforts.


A 1-508 PIR Paratrooper engages targets at distance for the Small Arms Competition


 2.  Physical Fitness. 


1-508 PIR’s rigorous physical training paid off during All American Week.  The 10-miler team, led by 1LT Llerandi, came in second place in the Division.


The 1-508 PIR 10-Miler Team came in second place across the Division.

SGT Moncrief also won his weight class in Combatives for the second year in a row.


The streak is alive!  SGT Moncrief wins the All American Week Combatives Competition for the second time.


3.  Medical Skills. 


Two medics earned the coveted EFMB on 18 May 2018.  The Medic Platoon continues to plan and prepare to for Swift Response.


CLS Qualified- 233                  33% of current assigned

CLS+ Qualified- 280               40% of current assigned


CLS/CLS+ Total- 513              73% of current assigned



4.  Communication. 


In preparation for Swift Response, 1-508 PIR refined and completed the Mission Command equipment install on the 1F6 Command DAGOR.  The install consists of the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) equipment, proper power distribution to sustain the network, and vehicle maintenance. The ITN equipment in the DAGOR will replicate systems usually used in a TOC setup to provide quality voice and data capabilities for the Battalion Commander. PM Power provided three 2k invertor generators to sustain the network. One generator will be used on the move to supplement vehicle power and the other two will be used to power the variable height antenna (Tethered Drone) when the vehicle is static. The vehicle was integrated with the required ITN equipment and successfully passed all system power requirements testing prior to movement to HDRS for final rigging.



5.  Small Unit Tactics.


A/1-508 PIR and D/1-508 PIR each had a Platoon participate in the Platoon Attack Demonstration in conjunction with the All American Review to conclude All American Week.  The Platoons conducted over 50 rehearsals during Clean Sweep Week and their efforts paid dividends during execution.


D/1-508 PIR moves to provide Support by Fire during the Platoon Attack Demonstration.


A/1-508 PIR assaults the OBJ during the Platoon Attack Demonstration.


6.  Mastery of Maintenance.


1-508 PIR conducted mission critical maintenance while participating in Clean Sweep and All American Week. Over the past two weeks, the Maintenance Platoon was able to mitigate the impacts of Clean Sweep and All American Week on both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. As a result, the 1-508 PIR Aggregate OR Rate continues to steadily rise. Working with Delta Company, the maintenance platoon has been able to increase the amount of FMC essential CROWS and ITAS platforms. In addition, the unscheduled maintenance section performed several quick fixes on key M1167 HMMWV Prime ITAS movers during All American Week.


As 1-508 PIR gears up for Swift Response, the focus of the small arms repair section focused on crew served weapons. In addition, the small-arms section has worked with the Shop Office to begin building a mobile stock of weapons repair parts that are forecasted to be needed during Swift Response live fires. The maintenance platoon sent three paratroopers to Hohenfels, Germany as ADVON to inventory, inspect, and sign for vehicles that will be used as backside support mobility during Swift Response live fires. 



1-508TH- DOS O/H: (18 ), DOS Short: (12 ), Short $(1,126.47)



1-508TH- DOS O/H: (14 ), DOS Short: (16 ), Short $(236,613.29 ) - 52% of supply


7.  Airborne Proficiency.


1-508 PIR exited 16 American and 102 British C Coy Paratroopers, during All American Week.  The Battalion also exited 21 American and 99 British C Coy Paratroopers from a CH-47 on 30 May.


1-508 PIR Paratroopers exit under IMC for the Airborne Review


Paratroopers from 1-508 PIR and C Coy, 3PARA prepare for a rotary wing jump


1-508 PIR Airborne Readiness:


Total # Current Jumpmasters: 56

Total # Current DZSO: 10 

Total # Current DACO: 5 

Total # White Slip Holders: 9


8. Live Fire Exercise.



Line of Effort #2:  “Win Tomorrow’s Fight”.


1-508 PIR continues to hone its skill and prowess with ITN and NWFI equipment.  These platforms will allow the Battalion to communicate with adjacent units and partnered nations across Europe during Swift Response 18.


School Updates:


SAPPER                                                         GRAD DATE

SGT NEGRETE, LEONARDO                        08JUN18

CPL MORRISEY, PATRICK C                        08JUN18


BLC                                                                 GRAD DATE

SPC KAIWI JOHN J                                        27JUN18                                                                    

SPC SUDERS RYAN N                                  27JUN18                    

SPC DRISCOLL AIDAN K                              27JUN18        

SPC LOCKLEAR LYNN E                              27JUN18

SPC RAY BRENDON M                                 27JUN18


Jumpmaster                                                   GRAD DATE

SFC BURKHALTER, TRAVIS                         15JUN18

SSG FRANZ, MARK                                       15JUN18

SGT PERDOMO, STANLEY                           15JUN18

SGT GAMBILL, KELLY                                   15JUN18


RANGER                                                        GRAD DATE

PFC CLASBY, ETHAN                                   22JUN18



Line of Effort #3:  “Paratroopers for Life”.


A/1-508 PIR reenlisted three Paratroopers: SGT Mauldin, SGT Black, and SGT Cowen.

B/1-508 PIR conducted a reenlistment ceremony for CPL Bunch aboard UH-60s. 22 Paratroopers from CPL Bunch’s Platoon participated in the ceremony. The flight was a rehearsal ten ship air assault of Sicily DZ for the AAW Demonstration.


CPL Bunch reenlists aboard a UH-60


Line of Effort #4:  “America’s Guard of Honor”. 


SGM Noonan traveled to France to recover the jump boots of Lieutenant Humphrey who made the jump into Normandy with the 508 PIR.  The Battalion held an unveiling ceremony during All American Week to commemorate the boots returning to the Regiment with remarks from CSM Rock Merritt.

1LT Humphrey's jump boots from Operation Market Garden returned to the Regiment.


CSM Rock Merritt honors 1LT Humphrey and the Regiment.




Over the next two weeks, 1-508 PIR will conduct a Battalion Change of command, deploy in support of Operation Swift response, completing JFE, Force On Force and Platoon Live fires prior to redeployment on 22 June.  


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