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SITREP 508/1 -  19 MARCH -30 MARCH  2021

1. Commander’s Comments:

 1-508TH PIR’s number one priority remains IRB-1 readiness. Focus areas over the last two weeks included PANTHER WEEK, CONSKILLS, installation of NMC APOH, and the C/1-508TH Change of Command. Additionally, A/1-508TH redeployed from JRTC and returned to IRB-1 status, relieving A/2-505TH PIR. 1 FURY Paratroopers executed a variety of training courses as part of CONSKILLS, including an RTO Academy, CLS course, Master Marksmanship Course, Machine Gun Marksmanship course, and Demolition range. The Battalion trained a total of 132 Paratroopers across all courses during the second week of training, increasing FURY’s competence and lethality. IMG-20210325-WA0003 C/1-508th Paratroopers learn to employ a variety of charges during demolition training with USAJFKSWCS and 307th AEB at Range 47 (FBNC) during CONSKILLS. 1LT Berry served as the range OIC with SSG Hernandez as the NCOIC.

C/1-508th Paratroopers learn to employ a variety of charges during demolition training with USAJFKSWCS and 307th AEB
at Range 47 (FBNC) during CONSKILLS. 1LT Berry served as the range OIC with SSG Hernandez as the NCOIC.

Also last week, the Battalion welcomed CPT Jesse Simonson as the new C/1-508TH Company Commander and said farewell to CPT Seth Merrigan. CPT Merrigan took command during 3BCT’s recent Afghanistan deployment and excelled as the Commander of the “Charlie Rock” Company, consistently leading by example and prioritizing ready, capable Paratroopers.

This week, 1-508TH PIR Paratroopers demonstrated their excellence in PANTHER WEEK Competitions, with a total of 123 Paratroopers participating. 1 FURY Paratroopers excelled a number of events, with strong early finishes in multiple events.

Looking ahead, the Battalion will prepare to conduct FURY FIGHT 3 during Training Week 29, where the Battalion will conduct Team Live Fire and Squad STX. 1 FURY will conduct an Airborne Operation on 13 April, with a Heavy Drop on 15 April that will help build Jumper proficiency ahead of SWIFT RESPONSE 21. Separately Charlie Rock Company will conduct SQD STX and prepare for IVAS STP4.

Future Training Highlights:

Tuesday 13 APR: Airborne Operation, HOLLAND DZ
Thursday 15 APR: Heavy Drop, NORMANDY DZ
Saturday, 17 APR: UK 2 PARA Paratroopers Arrive FBNC for SR21 prep
Wednesday, 22 and Friday, 30 APR: UK Familiarization Jumps 26-30 APR: IVAS STX Lanes, Training Area HH1

Unbeatable LGOPs: POTW

SPC Langenbach hails from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and currently serves as the Platoon Medic for AT-3 in D/1-508th PIR. SPC Langenbach served as the senior line medic during 1-508th CONSKILLs week and was instrumental in facilitating the certification of over 50 FURY paratroopers in CLS. This week SPC Langenbach is running a Tactical Combat Casualty Care-All Service Members (TCCC-ASM) class for over 32 paratroopers in his Company concurrent with range operations. SPC Langenbach has also been an advocate for the COVID vaccination, providing facts to dispel inaccurate rumors and encourage participation. His efforts have contributed to D Co’s vaccination rate of over 82%. SPC Langenbach was recently selected for promotion to SGT for his ability to lead Paratroopers and complete the mission. SPC Langenbach is a highly adaptive and versatile Paratrooper, and is a prime example of how 1-508th Paratroopers are helping increase readiness and “GET IN THE FIGHT!”

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