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Jerry F. Graff - G Co.

After a sad farewell to the guys of the 101st, I left Sens, France by train for Frankfurt-AN-main, Germany.

Joining the 82nd was certainly no disgrace. They had proven to be a top notch outfit throughout the world. But white scarves and gloves and white bootlaces? Who needs it? We were a very unhappy bunch of guys.

I was turned down for the trip home and [being] shuffled off to a new outfit was a really low point. So once again, I decided the hell with it all and once again became a screw up.

We had Germans doing all the dirty jobs, so there wasn’t a lot they could do to punish us.

One of the favorites was to have you march up and down the company street in full combat gear. We were in such great shape that this wasn’t a tough task, just wasted a lot of your free time.

Every time you messed up, like not saluting an officer they tacked on an extra day before you were discharged from the Army.

I guess that they finally figured I wouldn’t live long enough to do all the extra duty they piled on me, so the commanding officer, a 1st Lieutenant called me in and tried a little psychology like, "Why not make it easier on yourself?  As soon as your number comes up you’ll be on your way home."

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