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Lt Col Otho E. Holmes

Lt Col Holmes was the youngest of the 508th Battalion leaders.

As commander of the 2nd Battalion, Lt Col Holmes first task was to get his men ready for the Holland Operation.

Like other units of the Regiment, the 2nd Battalion had paid heavily for victory and success it had achieved in Normandy.

After landing in Holland, Lt Col Holmes and his men were to secure main highways, Bridge number 10 over the Maas- Waal Canals, and clearing the landing zones of enemy forces for the Gliders to land.

After moving to the Vox Hill sector, the 2nd Battalion dug in for a defensive stand against numerically superior German forces.

On the night of 1-2nd October, 1944, the enemy launched an attack in strength, supported by artillery and tanks.

Like any other paratrooper Lt Col Holmes knows a good fight when he sees one, and what to do about it.

Checking out of his command post, he moved forward, and while constantly exposed to enemy fire, he directed small units during the bitter fight and personally led counter attacks against enemy penetrations of the 2nd Battalions area.

For this action Lt Col Holmes was awarded the Silver Star medal.

During the Battle of the Bulge, he led a similar attack as in Holland.

Lt Col Holmes Passed away sometime during the 1960,s.

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