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Harry Kennedy

I changed my name from Hans Khan to an Irish Catholic name in case I was captured by the Germans.

I fled Germany in 1938 after I was kicked out of high school for being a Jew.

My father wanted to get all of our family out, but was only able to obtain one American visa for a single member of our family. The family decided that I should have it.

In December 1939, my mother and I rode on the train to the Swiss border where we met our father. But before the train crossed into Switzerland I watched my mother being forcibly removed from the train by Gestapo agents.

That was the last time that I ever saw my mother, along with my 3 younger brothers and my grandmother. They all perished in Hitlerís Concentration Camps.

I enlisted in the U.S. Army and volunteered for the paratroopers. I became a member of the 508th, and was assigned to Regimental HQ, Intelligence section.

To protect me from the Naziís, they changed my name in case of being taken prisoner.

I was often picked to lead patrols behind enemy lines, because I could bluff my way through by speaking German.

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