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Colonel Roy E. Lindquist

On the 20th October, 1942, the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment was born at Camp Blanding, Florida. Since early September, 1942 Major Roy Lindquist had been laying plans for the activation of the unit he was to command.

Every man who wanted to be part of the 508th was personally screened by Major Lindquist. 4500 men were processed before accepting 2300, the required number for the 508th.

By April 1943, Major Lindquist was promoted to full Colonel, commanding the 508th.

During the D-DAY invasion, Col Lindquist like many other paratroopers landed well out of position. He landed near a castle which they called the grey castle due to its color.

As he waded through knee-high flood water he gathered about 100 men and headed for the La Fiere manor which was located about 2 km away.

He helped other paratroop regiments in holding and clearing the causeway from La Fiere Manor to Cauquigny which was only a quarter a mile away, in one of the bloodiest battles of D-Dsy.

Col Lindquist also led the 508th in Holland and Belgium.

Col Lindquist handed over command of the regiment to Lt Col Otho E. Holmes in December 1945.

Col Lindquist was later promoted to Major General.

Major General Roy E. Lindquist passes away on 19th November 1986.

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