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Maurice H. McCue - I Co.

While In jump school at Fort Banning, Georgia. and on our last training jump, I was the last man out of the door, so I said to the trooper in front of me, I'm going to hold on to you going out.

I did hold on to him and to our surprise when we got out of the door, the PROP BLAST hit, and blew me right up against him.

On the jump the static line had released from our parachutes, this entangled us both. My chute opened but his did not.

He yelled, "PULL YOUR EMERGENCY!"  I said," I cant, it's tied up by your main chute."

Then I yelled at him, "PULL YOUR EMERGENCY CHUTE," he did and it barely opened before we hit the ground with a thud.

We both were just getting up when, after saying a short prayer, a jeep came towards us at a fast

When it stopped a lieutenant came running over and said, "are you men o.k.?"

We assured him we were, maybe just a few bruises and grazes.

The lieutenant said, "boy I thought I was going to have a lot of paper work to do tonight."

the smartest tiling the lieutenant did was to leave the scene and probably saved himself some bruises and us a court martial.

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