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Lawrence E. McFadden - G Co.

 On the 26-27th December, 1944 near the town of Erria, Belgium, I was squad leader of G Company.

I was a member of a group which was dug in at the bottom of a ridge about 200 yards from the enemy, when they attacked in force and succeeded in overrunning several of the forward positions.

A concentrated volume of machine gun fire sprayed my position.

I noted that 12 men on forward outposts had been cut off.

Seizing a browning automatic rifle (BAR) I advanced through heavy fire and worked my way to the group who was cut off.

During my advance, I knocked out a German MG-42 machine gun nest with a Gammon grenade and inflicted severe causalities upon the enemy with my BAR.

I reached the 12 men and led them back to the platoon positions from which they were able to place heavy fire upon the attacking enemy, forcing them back with heavy losses.

For that piece of action, I was awarded the Silver Star.

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