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Arthur (Pop) Puffer - H Co 

After the jump in Holland, we attacked the town of Beek. We had a hell of a fight, but had to withdraw to higher ground on the edge of town.

At 07.30 we attacked again.

We got the hell shot out of us, we lost a lot of H Company men, so we withdrew again and gave them hell from the high ground that we occupied with mortar and artillery fire. The Germans finally left Beek, so we moved in and set up road blocks.

The next morning we attacked at 07.30 across open country. This time we had tank support.

We took our objective, but we had to go back to support G Company. Again we got the hell shot out of us.

I got hit about 15.30 by a rifle bullet; it went through my helmet and past my ear, cut me a little and sure scared the hell out of me.

We went back in to attack.

An 88 mm shell exploded about 10 feet behind me and knocked me about 20 feet down on the other side of this dike. I got hit in the left arm.

I went back to the aid station and I got a splint on my arm. The aid station used to be one of Hitlerís baby factories.

German planes came in overnight trying to knock out the bridge on the road.

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