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Bob White - A Co

After my parachute opened, looked up and saw a panel a panel had been blown off the C.47 that I had just jumped from.  I pulled my reserve chute and fed it out in front of me to make sure it would open.

Our main chutes were camouflaged and the reserve chute was white. The white parachute in the moonlight really drew fire from the Germans. After landing, I crawled out from under my chute in a hurry. The Krauts were still firing at the chute long after I was gone.

The 1st trooper I met was A. B. Cannon of A. Company who had jumped with the pathfinders. Cannon asked, "where in the hell have you been?"

We moved from field to field, and by daylight, the two of us had picked up 8 men. A little later we joined up with Captain Adams and his group.

In an attempt to get to Hill 30, we moved out with him [with] a guy called Hunt taking the lead.

I reached a road and stepped into it to find two trucks loaded with German soldiers bearing down on me. They pulled over, unloaded and started firing.

Since we were outnumbered, the order was given to pull back.

They spotted me with just my backpack showing above the tall grass. Machine gun fire ripped through my pack. I said, "Iíll get rid of that sucker!"

I unhooked my rifle belt and turned on my side to slip the harness over my shoulder and a bullet went through the sleeve of my jump jacket, just under the American flag. I crawled away, flat on my belly and fast as a snake.

We withdrew to a nearby field and set up an all around defense. It was 4 days before we could get to Hill 30 and assemble with the regiment.

Of the 18 men who jumped out of the plane with me, only 6 made it back to England. 

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