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Dick Wolch - G Co.

While at Wollaton Park I remember a very sad event.

I do recall the 508th making a nightmare practice jump that turned out to be somewhat of a disaster.

We jumped from an unusually high altitude and onto a British Bomber flight that had taken off from a nearby airfield, and was at a low altitude when the British bombers flew into and through a string of paratroopers that had just jumped from their plane. Several men were killed. Iím not sure but I did hear that 22 men died.

The British Bomber flight was enroute to a bombing run across the channel.

On another brighter note American troops were not allowed to own or possess private vehicles.

Being young and mischievous and also adventurous, I purchased a B.S.A. 250 motorbike from a gent in Nottingham.

To keep the ownership secret from the U.S. military, a friend in the nearby town of Ilkeston allowed me to keep the bike at his home provided he also could use the bike.

Being a fun loving guy, I would often ride the bike on the pedestrian walkway in town and the local police would give chase on foot, waving his arms and yelling.

He never did catch me but I believe I may have caused him to have a nervous breakdown.

The camp cooks and I were good friends and they would often give me steaks, hams and eggs and other foods.

Many times I would take the meat to the Ilkeston fish and chip shop and the girls would dip them into the boiling cooking oil, then sprinkle the meat with some spices.

They would eat the meat and I ate the fish and chips.

Because of my involvement in military training matters, my socialising was quite limited.

I roamed the area around Nottingham and Ilkeston on my B.S.A.

I had to be careful where I rode the bike because the U.S. military police, along with the British police would attempt to catch me.

The bikes the police used did not compare with the B.S.A. which was more powerful and faster.

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