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Student Sued on Eve of Graduation

Philadelphia, Jan 22. --- An 18-year-old high school bridegroom was allowed two months to secure employment by Judge Eugene C. Bonniwell in domestic relations court when his wife, 21 sought support from him Monday.
   "This is my last day in Central high school.  I am about to graduate," declared Paul Eglick, 4933 N. Gransback street, after he heard the complaint of Mrs. Marie Eglick of 1244 N. Eighth street, that their elopement to Elkton* last June went on the rocks a week later.
    The young husband said the romance extended over a period of two years while his wife was employed as a maid next door to the home of his father, Dr. Samuel Eglick, 402 Green street.
   He said his wife suggested they get married and that she paid the license and ceremony fees.  He admitted he left her a week later.
   Mrs. Eglick said his father forced him to leave her and has been instrumental in keeping them apart.
continue the case for two months to [all sic]
   Judge Bonniwell said he would give Eglick an opportunity to get some work so that he may have some earnings upon which to base an order of support.**

[The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA, Jan 22, 1936, Page 2]

   * Elkton, MD, less than 50 miles from Philadelphia, PA. was a popular place for eloping couples to marry as a state law was passed in 1938 requiring only a 48-hour waiting period. To this day, there are several wedding chapels in the town.
   ** It is unknown whether the marriage endured as no other details have been found but since young Paul entered medical school shortly thereafter it is possible that Marie was convinced to accept an annulment..

Dr. Paul G. Eglick C38 M42 GM46, Bethayres, Pa., a retired pediatrician who had maintained a practice in the Somerset district of Philadelphia for 34 years; Sept. 15.

[The Pennsylvania Gazette, University of Pennsylvania]

Holocaust Testimony of Dr. Paul G. Eglick: Transcript of Audiotaped Interview

Paul G. Eglick, Philip Solomon, Gratz College Holocaust Oral History Archive, Gratz College, 1993 - Holocaust survivors

Dr. Eglick served in the 508th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne, US Third Army as a medical officer. Around May 7, 1945 he was ordered to go to Ludwiglust, Mecklenburg, Germany, not knowing he would enter the Wobbelin concentration camp. He vividly describes piles of victims who had starved to death, the condition of survivors, and the attempt to save them. His unit took care to treat the starving survivors properly and evacuated them helped by several other medical units. Dr. Eglick explains how deeply entering this camp affected him and the other American soldiers. Local Germans were ordered to bury the dead. He gives his opinion about United States policy concerning the extermination camps and why the United States could have done more to stop the killing. He tells about an encounter with a couple in a mixed marriage who survived Berlin with the help of non-Jewish neighbors.

PA WWII Veterans Compensation Application
submitted by Paul G. Eglick shows that he was not registered with the Selective Service (, i.e., the "draft board") as he was already a member of the ORC (Officer Reserve Corps).
   He entered service at Carlisle Barracks, PA on 2 July 1943 and served domestically until 26 December 1943.  Paul had foreign service credited between 27 December 1943 through 3 January 1946.  His starting date, if accurate, is interesting as it is the day the 508th boarded the USAT Parker which sailed on the 28th.  It implies that overseas duty began once the men stepped aboard the ship.
   Upon he returned to the U.S. he remained in service from 4 January 1946 to 2 March 1946 when he was released from service at the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, PA.

[Note that his address at the time he entered service was 402 Green Street, Philadelphia which was the home of his father as shown in the "sued" article at left.]

Read his full obituary [PDF]

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