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Lionel O. Frigo [19 Sep 1920 - Mar 1986], was a member of E Company.  He  retired as a Lt. Col and lived in Gulf Breeze, FL at the time of his death.

He now rests in Arlington National Cemetery's Section 30, Grave 1086

(Photo courtesy Dick O'Donnell, click to enlarge)

Confusion of Names?
   The birth certificate for the man we know as Lionel O. Frigo had his given names reversed as "Orville Lionel" on this official record.
   Whether it is a clerical error or if he reversed them to use the first name of Lionel as a preference, we may never know.
   Note also the handwritten notation of "Frigault" indicating the original family name in French.  Frigo's mother was French Canadian by birth and his father was descended from that same stock with origins in New Brunswick, Canada.  The spelling was Anglicized at some point but the pronunciation is about the same.

   When Lionel left Frankfurt he may have been transferred to the 101st Airborne Division which is headquartered at Fort Campbell, KY.  The 1947 edition of the Clarksville, TN city directory shows Lionel residing at 143 North Hanover Avenue.  His employer is shown as "USA", i.e., U.S. Army.  This address however is 225 miles from the post, too far to commute daily.

Three years later, the 1950 edition of the Clarksville, TN city directory shows Lionel and his wife Harriett living in unit L4 of the Maple Hills apartments.  His employer is shown as "USA", i.e., U.S. Army.

This address is 12 miles south of Fort Campbell's Gate 1 which is on the south, or Kentucky-side of the post which straddles the Kentucky-Tennessee border.  The apartments are a short walk from a train station which may have afforded easy commuting if he had not already purchased an automobile.

Lionel retired as a Lt. Colonel, probably in the mid-1960s.  Beginning as early as 1977 he lived in Gull Breeze, Florida along the waterside and later moved inland to Cantonment, Florida where he enjoyed his final years.


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