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[courtesy of Tom Glowacki)

Grave marker for Theodore Nadel in Section C-3, Site 924 of the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Gustine (Merced), CA.

Theodore enlisted in the Army at Newark, NJ on 16 January 1941.

It is unclear as to when Sgt Nadel arrived in the 508th but on 16 July 1944 he was transferred from Service Company to Company D.  It is likely that he was brought in from a replacement depot.

On 3 February 1945 Sgt Nadel was listed as a non-battle casualty in Belgium.  He was hospitalized, probably due to frostbite,  and never returned to the regiment.

In November,1956 Theodore was listed as a passenger sailing in tourist class aboard the Greek Line ship TSS New York from Le Havre, France to New York City, NY.  The purpose of the trip is unknown.

The ship was built for the Anchor Lines by Fairfield Shipbuilding Ltd. and first christened the TSS Tuscania (1922-1939) and later was renamed the TSS Nea Hellas "New Greece" ΝΕΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ (1939-1955).

In 1941, the Nea Hellas was put under allied service as a troop transport. During her service to the Allies the Nea Hellas was designated HR-190 and became affectionately called the "Nellie Wallace" by the soldiers she transported. She carried over 60,000 troops during her wartime service. Despite the fact she was targeted by a torpedo twice by an Italian submarine, and attacked three times by Nazi aircraft in the Mediterranean, she completed her wartime service without the loss of a single life!

The ship took on its final designation as the TSS New York in 1955 and was dropped from the registry in 1961.

NOTE: the prefix TSS stood for Turbine Steam Ship

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