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Grave markers for James A. and Lillian M. Tryon in Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Fayetteville (Cumberland), NC.

James registered for the draft ca 1942 showing his home address in Bridgeport, CT and that he was then unemployed.  The army soon took care of that problem.

Pvt Tryon was transferred to Company D, 508th PIR on 26 October 1945 in a group of men from jointly sent from the 504th and 505th parachute regiments but the movement order didn't distinguish which regiment each individual came from.

On 1 December 1945, Pfc Tryon re-enlisted and thus began a career with the army in which he would serve until 30 September 1970 when he retired as a Sergeant Major.

On 11 July 1954, along with wife Lillian and their two sons, arrived in new York City from Frankfurt, Germany aboard Trans World Airlines  Flight 965/11.  The aircraft's tail number was N-6005C, probably a DC-4 Skymaster (a civilian variant of the C-54.).

James also appeared on a manifest showing his arrival in Agana, Guam from Clark AFB, Philippines on 6 July 1960.  whether his family was with him is uncertain.