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Chaplain (Captain) Joseph P. Kenny, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment holds Mass on January 6, 1945, for men of the 3rd battalion before they depart for combat in Belgium.

Tom Porcella
sports a trophy German cap while holding two artillery shells.  Photo taken on Thier-du-Mont ridge.  Note shell shipping containers in background.
[courtesy Tom Porcella]

Jan. 15, 1945
Stoically resigned, a young German SS trooper is taken prisoner somewhere in Belgium.  His concern about his fate is written all over his face.
(U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo)
Jan 7, 1945
Allied troops move past the mangled wreckage of a vehicle.  A German soldier lies dead in the foreground.
(U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo)

Three Combat Hardened Veterans Just Before Going For A Drink, 1945
was George Mile's caption on this photo taken in Trois-Pont. [l-r] Lt. John Foley, Capt Hank Lefebvre, Lt. George Miles

Lt. John Foley
smiles for the camera while in Trois-Pont, Belgium
(courtesy George Miles)

Fox Stew Anyone?

Earl Hickman bagged a fox, probably while the unit was in the Rest Camp at Chevron, Belgium.  He seems well equipped with what may be a Thompson sub-machine gun, a trench knife and a cigarette ... oh, and a fox..

Supply Drop - Door To Door
A C-47 from the 862nd Troop Carrier Squadron made an unscheduled stop outside of Bastogne.
(courtesy: Lt.. Jack French collection)
Arizona Boy Out of His Element
Joe Favela (Hq Hq) grins as though he likes the snow

What's Wrong With This Thing?
A gunner looks down the tube of an 81mm mortar which hopefully doesn't have a shell in it
   Whatever the problem is, there are four onlookers, two of whom, are keeping a safe distance.  All are unidentified.


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