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Commanded by Col Joe S. Lawrie
29 April 1952, Fort Benning, GA

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Song of the Infantry

THE COMMANDOS are OK and the Rangers pretty swell;

 “They'll keep sluggin’ night and day. and fight like triple hell.

"The Marines are plenty game and paratroops are tough;

“When it comes to bein’ rugged, those babies have the stuff.

‘The kids who fly our planes and the boys who sail our ships

“Can dish it out or take it with a grim smile on their lips.

‘The hurrah of fame and glory rightly falls

' around those guys

“For they daily risk death boldly on the sea and in the skies.’


“Say, Joe, for just «n average guy, you're shootin’ off your face.

‘‘Who are you? Seems I know you, but I don't believe I place ---.


“Yes, Buddy, yes, you know me, though you generally forget,


You don’t see me pushin’ forward under all that - dirt and sweat.

’I’ve stood and held and suffered, for that's my only game,

‘To take whatever comes my way and then dish, out the same;

“To move forward, always punchin* and no matter What the cost;

‘To hang on to what I’ve taken --- if I don't the battle’s lost

“Even though the circus aces and the reckless Navy gob

“Have slashed at Fritz and Tojo and generally played hob.

“Yes, Buddy, they forget me but don’t think I give a damn
“When we’ve smashed the Japs and Germans they’ll remember who I am.

“For when the whole thing’s over, and only then---they'll see that I’m the guy who made it stick—the Goddamn Infantry.”



Fort Benning, Ga.



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