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Nottingham's Victoria station was built in 1900 and demolished in 1967, leaving only the clock tower to survive amongst the Victoria Shopping Centre and flats. Described as one of the worst blights on any UK city- the superb grand station which, if still in existence, would be in great need today has now been transformed beyond all recognition into a rather ugly looking shopping centre. The clock tower was spared but does not blend into its surroundings at all and stands as an overlooked monument to a once truly great station. Source: Nottingham Victoria Station Website

Train Platform
where the 508th de-trained in Victoria Station, Nottingham, England.

   The station had two large island platforms, each 1,270 feet long, with four bays for local traffic giving a total of 12 platforms. Large steel pillars held up an enormous 3-part canopy - the two outer sections being 63 feet across the central one being 84 feet across. These were glazed and gave the station a very impressive 'cathedral' like look.
   A subway system, below track level, could be used for the movement of luggage in order to avoid carrying it over the footbridges but the 508th's personnel probably lugged their own gear through the station and out to the waiting convoy of vehicles awaiting their arrival.
Nottingham Victoria station
was located on Milton Street along with the station hotel.

Just two months shy of its 44th birthday, the station had been built on a
13 acre site previously occupied by some 1,300 houses and 24 pubs previously that had been demolished to make way for the construction.
The three story building had a large 100 feet clock tower in it's centre topped with a cupola and weather vane.
   Both the Great Central and Great Northern railways shared the station sand only after after much argument, the station was called Nottingham 'Victoria' rather than 'Central'.

(Photos courtesy Graham Lawson)

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