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Award 'Battle Honors' To Four Regiments

   WASHINGTON, Sept 27 (AP) --- "Battle Honors" have been awarded to the 8th infantry regiment and the 505th, 507th, and 508th parachute infantry regiments, the war department announced.  In all four cases, the regiments won their honors at the time of the invasion of Normandy.
   The citations describing the actions of these organizations show that each played a critical part in the initial landings in France, each secured important objectives against superior enemy forces and remained in the line for protracted periods of time.
   The 8th made the initial landing
on the beaches of the Cotentin peninsula; the 505th cleared an area for glider landings; the 507th prevented the enemy from reinforcing units opposing beachhead forces; and the 508th seized an important hill position between two rivers and fought vastly superior enemy forces for three days.  In addition to these, the citations list a series of decisive actions successfully completed by each unit.

[Beatrice Daily Sun, Beatrice, NE, Wed, Sep 27, 1944, Page 3]

508th Parachute Regiment,
Trained At Camp Blanding,
Cited For Invasion Action

   The 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, activated and given its earliest conditioning training at Camp Blanding in 1942. has been cited for outstanding performance of duty in action on the Normandy beachhead, the War Department announced.
   Known throughout this training center as a "rugged outfit,"  the members of the 508th received an intensive athletic and military conditioning here before going on to Fort Benning, Ga., for advanced advanced training.

 As a member of the Airborne Command, the 508th was activated in October, 1942, and went through the arduous first few months of hardening while several divisions also were in training here. On Feb. 2, 1943, the organization went to Fort Benning.

   While here the outfit was under the command of Col. Roy E. Lindquist.
   The citation was "for outstanding performance of duty in action against the enemy between June 6 and June 9, 1944, during the invasion of. France." The regiment landed on the Cotentin Peninsula of Normandy, the long neck of land jutting into the English Channel on which is located the port of Cherbourg.

Captured Hill

 Intense fire was directed against the parachutists. The 508th seized Hill 30 in the dege [wedge?] between the Merderet and Douve Rivers and fought vastly superior forces for three days. Every member of the organization fought with determination and initiative, according to the citation, and prevented large numbers of the enemy from opposing opposing beach landings.

[Fort Lauderdale News, Fort Lauderdale, FA, Thu, Oct 19, 1944, Page 3]


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