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The following men were on the POW train that departed Rennes on 3 August 1944.  The train was strafed while it was parked in the Langeais Train Station due to the rails ahead having been destroyed by Allied bombers. 

(courtesy of Jo Shipley)

Line Nr Name Rank ASN Wound POW Camp Fate
33 Mulvihill, Joseph P Pvt 32216529 penetrating wound middle third left thigh Stalag 7A Died Nov 1980
39 Mays, Walter J. Pvt 35421282 GSW right hip, fracture radius Stalag 7A Unknown
49 De Vay,  Cyril K Pfc 38171694 perforating wound right shoulder N/A Killed 6 Aug 1944
50 Demciak, Paul Cpl 33359781 perforating wound right shoulder Escaped Still living
51 Tumlin, William Pvt 14139805 unknown Stalag 3C Died Jun 2005
62 Hogarty, William Pfc 11130536 Perforating wound right thigh Stalag 4B Living?
72 Kiley, Robert Pfc 11106372 Shrapnel right eye removed Stalag 7A Died Jun 1946
128 Lewellen, R. B. Pvt 38098343 Amputated left hand and bullet left leg Transferred to Chartres 24.Jul 1944 Died Jun 2009
146 Schlegel, Jack Sgt 12190855 None Transferred to E.P.S.* Living
172 Dushensky, Vincent Pvt 32856834 Shrapnel left thigh Stalag 7A Died Apr 1991
193 Robnolte, Archie Pvt 35399793 Shrapnel left thigh Stalag 7A Died Mar 1992
211 Maraman, Mack Pvt 35700827 GSW left elbow Stalag 7A Died Jul 1973
227 Brathor, Mervyn Pvt 33726802 GSW left hand unknown Died Jul 1989
256 Crouch, John Pvt 15061347 GSW (Rifle) Pen Wound, left shoulder, Lac W, Rt Scapular [sic] Area Stalag 7A Died Dec 1998

Note 1:  Paul Demciak escaped, read of his exploits here

Note 2: Cyril De Vay was among the forty Allied POWs killed during a strafing attack of this POW train.  See the actual train car now used as a memorial.

Note 3: R.B. Lewellen landed in Gourbesville and quickly engaged in a firefight with wounds that cost him a hand.  Red his personal account

Note 4: JO SHIPLEY: "EPS = Ecole Primaire Superieure or something like that.  Itís the name of a Catholic girls school in Rennes that was converted to a hospital in 1939 by the French.  After France fell to the Germans, the Germans used [it] as a POW hospital.  The school still stands today and is used as a high school.  It is now called the Jean Mace School."

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