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Men On 508th's Final Jump
MSgt. James B. Smylie  (front, left) wrote on the back of his copy of this photo, "Me and a few of my boys after our last jump July, 1945 in Frankfurt. Behind us is part of the large crowd who came from many places to watch
the show. Most of us landed within 20 or 30 yards of where the picture was snapped."
(courtesy Liz Farrell and Janet Smylie Hart)

Harry Gerheim
far left) of Service Company.  The others are unidentified.
Note the quick-release harnesses.

Previous To Filing into The 'Firetraps'
was the inscription on this photo. None of the men are identified.
(Courtesy O.B. Hill collection)

Looking For A Ride?
Harry Roll, Wayne Beanblossom, Erwin Vogel, James Randolph and unknown hanging out at the motor pool.

Getting Desperate For A Ride?
Wayne Beanblossom, James Randolph, Donald Veach and Harry Roll.
  Note that Vogel and Veach seem to be trading roles as cameraman as each is alternately missing from these two photos.