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Company E Goes On Guard Duty

in guard attire

Ready For Duty
One More Glove
and this SSgt will be ready too

Window Chat
as Lt prepares to leave

One On, One Off
(guard duty, that is)

MSgt and buddy

Sidearm and All
this 508er is set to go

Bad Aim
hope the cameraman was better with his rifle

Taking A "Prisoner"
One Last Cigarette

Road Guards Posted?

Officers Confer

Formation Falls In

Officers Observe
as troops form up

Parade Rest

Under Scrutiny
by Lt and MSgt plus observers

Checking Orders


Ready To Leave

At Attention
ready to march forward

Formation marches past sign advertising Circus Hoppe, based in Frankfrt-am-Mein
RTO Arrival

Railway Station

Side View
of RTO formation

(photos all courtesy of Fritz Blum)